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Reference; Troubleshooting - Casio CELVIANO AP220ES1C User Manual

Casio electronic keyboard - electric piano user manual
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No sound is produced when I
press a keyboard key.
The pitch of the digital piano
is off.
Nothing happens when I
press a pedal.
Tones and/or effects sound
strange. Turning power off
and then back on again does
not eliminate the problem.
Example: Note intensity does
not change even though I
alter key pressure.
I cannot transfer data after
connecting the digital piano
to a computer.
It takes a long time before I
can use the Digital Piano after
I turn it on.
A tone's quality and volume
sounds slightly different
depending where it is played
on the keyboard.
When I press a button, the
note that is sounding cuts out
momentarily or there is a
slight change in how effects
are applied.
1. The VOLUME controller is set to
2. Headphones or an adaptor plug is
plugged into one of the PHONES
3. MIDI Local control is turned off.
1. The digital piano's key setting is
something other than "0".
2. Digital piano tuning is incorrect.
3. Octave shift is enabled.
4. A non-standard temperament setting
is being used.
The pedal cord is not connected.
The "Back up" feature is turned on.
Digital Piano memory data was
corrupted because a data transfer
operation with a computer was in
progress the last time you turned off the
piano. When this happens, the Digital
Piano performs a memory format
operation the next time you turn it on.
You cannot perform any other operation
while a format operation is in progress.
This is an unavoidable result of the digital sampling process,
* Multiple digital samples are taken for the low range, middle range, and high range of the original
musical instrument. Because of this, there may be very slight differences in tonal quality and
volume between sample ranges.
This happens when the sounds of multiple parts are sounding at the same time while using layer,
using the Duet Mode, playing back a built-in tune, recording, etc. Pressing a button when one of
these conditions exists will cause the effect setting that is built into the tone to change automatically,
which causes notes to cut out momentarily or causes a slight change in how effects are being
1. Rotate the VOLUME controller more
towards "MAX".
2. Disconnect whatever is connected to the
PHONES jacks.
3. Turn on the Local control setting.
1. Change the key setting to "0", or turn digital
piano power off and then back on again.
2. Adjust digital piano tuning, or turn the digital
piano off and then back on again.
3. Change the octave shift setting to 0.
4. Change the temperament setting to
"00:Equal", which is the standard modern
Connect the pedal cord correctly.
Turn off "Back up". Next, turn power off and
then back on again.
1. Check to make sure that the USB cable is
connected to the digital piano and
computer, and that the correct device is
selected with your computer's music
2. Turn off the digital piano and then exit the
music software on your computer. Next,
turn the digital piano back on and then
restart the music software on your
It takes about 20 seconds after you turn on
power to perform the memory format
operation. Wait until the format operation is
complete. Note that you should take care to
avoid turning off the Digital Piano while a data
transfer operation with a computer is in
and does not indicate malfunction.

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