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Casio CELVIANO AP220ES1C User Manual page 7

Casio electronic keyboard - electric piano user manual
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Note the following important precautions to avoid
damage to the power cord.
During Use
• Never pull on the cord with excessive force.
• Never repeatedly pull on the cord.
• Never twist the cord at the base of the plug or
• The power cord should not be stretched tight while
it is in use.
During Movement
• Before moving the digital piano, be sure to unplug
the AC adaptor from the power outlet.
During Storage
• Loop and bundle the power cord, but never wind it
around the AC adaptor.
• Never connect the AC adaptor (JEITA Standard,
with unified polarity plug) that comes with this digital
piano to any other device besides this piano. Doing
so creates the risk of malfunction.
• Make sure the digital piano is turned off before
plugging in or unplugging the AC adaptor.
• The AC adaptor will become warm to the touch after
very long use. This is normal and does not indicate
Power Outlet

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