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Playing Back Built-In Songs; Playing Back All Of The Built-In Songs; Playing Back A Specific Music Library Song - Casio CELVIANO AP220ES1C User Manual

Casio electronic keyboard - electric piano user manual
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Playing Back Built-in Songs

Playing Back All of the Built-in
Your digital piano comes with a Music Library of 60
built-in tunes. You can play all 60 tunes in sequence,
from beginning to end.
While holding down the FUNCTION button,
press the SONG a button.
• This will start repeat demo playback of the built-in
songs in sequence, from 01 through 60.
• You can play along with a song on the keyboard as it
is playing. The tone assigned to the keyboard is the
one that is preset for the song that is playing.
• You can select a specific song during demo playback.
For details, see step 2 under "Playing Back a Specific
Music Library Song".
Press the SONG a button again to stop
built-in song play.
• The tune selection and playback stop operations
described above are the only operations that are
possible during demo tune play.
Playing Back a Specific Music
Library Song
The Music Library includes both built-in songs (01 to
60), plus one song (61) that have been saved to digital
piano memory from a computer*. You can use the
procedure below to select one of these songs and play it
* You can download music data from the Internet and
then transfer it from your computer to digital piano
memory. See "Transferring Song Data with a
Computer" on page E-25 for more information.
Find the song number of the song you want to
play in the song list on page A-1.
To change to another song, hold down the
FUNCTION button as you use the SONG
SELECT keys to specify a song number.
• Each press of the + or – key raises or lowers the song
number by 1.
• You can use the value input keys (0 to 9) to enter a
specific two-digit song number. Be sure to input both
To select song 08, enter 0 and then 8.
Press the SONG a button.
• This starts the playback of the song.

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