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Connecting To A Computer; Minimum Computer System Requirements; Connecting The Digital Piano To Your Computer - Casio CELVIANO AP220ES1C User Manual

Casio electronic keyboard - electric piano user manual
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Connecting to a Computer

You can connect the Digital Piano to a computer and
exchange MIDI data between them. You can send play
data from the Digital Piano to music software running
on your computer, or you can send MIDI data from
your computer to the Digital Piano for playback.
Minimum Computer System
The following shows the minimum computer system
requirements for sending and receiving MIDI data.
Check to make sure that your computer complies with
these requirements before connecting the Digital Piano
to it.
 Operating System
XP (SP2 or later)
® *2
Windows Vista
Mac OS
X (10.3.9, 10.4.11 or later, 10.5.6 or later,
10.6.2 or later)
*1: Windows XP Home Edition
Windows XP Professional (32- bit)
*2: Windows Vista (32- bit)
*3: Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)
 USB port
• Never connect to a computer that does not conform
to the above requirements. Doing so can cause
problems with your computer.
Connecting the Digital Piano
to Your Computer
• Make sure you follow the steps of the procedure
below exactly. Connecting incorrectly can make data
send and receive impossible.
Turn off the Digital Piano and then start up
your computer.
• Do not start up the music software on your computer
After starting up your computer, use a
commercially available USB cable to connect
it to the Digital Piano.
USB cable
(A-B type)
A connector
Turn on the Digital Piano.
• If this is the first time you are connecting the Digital
Piano to your computer, the driver software required
to send and receive data will be installed on your
computer automatically.
Start up your computer's music software.
Configure the music software settings to
select one of the following as the MIDI device.
CASIO USB-MIDI : (For Windows Vista, Windows 7,
Mac OS X)
USB Audio Device: (For Windows XP)
• For information about how to select the MIDI device,
see the user documentation that comes with the
music software you are using.
• Be sure to turn on the Digital Piano first before
starting up your computer's music software.
• Once you are able to connect successfully, there is no
problem with leaving the USB cable connected when
you turn off your computer and/or Digital Piano.
• For detailed specifications and connections that
apply to MIDI data send and receive by this Digital
Piano, see the latest support information provided
by the website at the following URL.
Digital Piano USB port
B connector
Computer USB port

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