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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2 No part of this publication may be copied, reproduced, or translated, without the prior written consent of Fujitsu Personal Systems, Inc. No part of this publication may be stored or transmitted in any electronic form without the prior consent of Fujitsu...
  • Page 3: Ul Notices

    • The CMOS battery may explode if mistreated. Do not recharge, disassemble, or dispose of in fire. • For spare battery packs, order only Fujitsu Models FMW29BP1 (6-cell) or FMW29BP2 (3-cell). • To charge battery packs FMW29BP1 or FMW29BP2 externally, use only a Stylistic LT charger FMW51BC1.
  • Page 4: Fcc Notices

    For more detailed information about the FCC rules and their applicability to the Stylistic LT pen tablet, refer to Appendix A of this document. Screen Type Modem? DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY according to FCC Part 15 Fujitsu Personal Systems, Inc. Address: 5200 Patrick Henry Drive Santa Clara, CA Telephone: 408-982-9500...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Warnings and Cautions ... UL Notices... FCC Notices ... Chapter 1 Getting Started Included with the Stylistic LT Pen Tablet ... Optional Accessories ... Stylistic LT Pen Tablet Features... Status Indicators... 1-6 Connectors and Peripheral Interfaces... Chapter 2 Using the Stylistic LT Pen Tablet System States ...
  • Page 6 Audio Volume Is Too Low ... Configuring Peripherals Interfaces ... 3-8 Chapter 4 Using the Optional Peripherals Stylistic LT Mini-Dock... Installing the Stylistic LT into the Mini-Dock... Removing the Stylistic LT from the Mini-Dock... Stylistic LT Charge-Only Dock ... Installing the Stylistic LT into the Charge-Only Dock ... Removing the Stylistic LT from the Charge-Only Dock ...
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    Chapter 1 Getting Started The Stylistic LT™ pen tablet is a high-performance, pen-based computer that is designed to operate under Windows 98. This chapter provides an overview of the Stylistic LT pen tablet and its features. Included with the Stylistic LT Pen Tablet The following items are included with the Stylistic LT pen tablet: •...
  • Page 8: Optional Accessories

    Optional Accessories The following optional accessories can be used with the Stylistic LT pen tablet. Refer to the instructions provided with these accessories for details on their use.* • Auto Adapter FMWCB2 • Mini-Dock FMW29PR1* • Charge-Only Dock FMW29CR1* • External Floppy Disk Drive FMWFD2 •...
  • Page 9: Stylistic Lt Pen Tablet Features

    Stylistic LT Pen Tablet Features Features and controls that you use to operate the Stylistic LT pen tablet are described briefly below and illustrated in Figures 1-1 and 1-2. Details on using these features and controls are provided later in this manual. Front and Side Features (Figure 1-1): •...
  • Page 10 Display Status Indicators Speaker Headphone Microphone Jack Jack Figure 1-1 Rear and Side Features (Figure 1-2): • DC Input Connector: Allows you to connect the AC adapter or auto adapter.* • Removable Battery Pack: Provides power to the system when not connected to AC power.
  • Page 11 • PC Card Door: Allows you to access PC Cards* installed in the PC Card slots. Note that Slot 2 is closest to the display. • Eject Buttons: Allow you to eject a PC Card from a PC Card slot. •...
  • Page 12: Status Indicators

    Status Indicators Icons appear in the Status display indicating the status of system functions such as system power and battery charge level. The location of icons in the Status indicator section is shown in Figure 1-3. Getting Started Figure 1-3 Status Indicator Icons (Power) (Charging)
  • Page 13 Table 1-1 shows how the LEDs associated with the individual icons are displayed, and describes what the variations of that display indicate. (If an icon LED is not lit, it indicates that the related system function is off or inactive. Table 1-1 Icon Color...
  • Page 14 Table 1-1 Green Unlit Access Icon Green Blink Green Hovering/ Security Unlit Icon Getting Started System Status Indications (Continued) Displayed when the hard disk drive is being accessed. Unlit when the hard disk drive is inactive. Operating in Hovering mode. Awaiting cancellation of security.
  • Page 15: Connectors And Peripheral Interfaces

    Connectors and Peripheral Interfaces Connectors and peripheral interfaces on the Stylistic LT pen tablet allow you to connect a variety of devices. Figures 1-4 and 1-5 show locations of peripheral connectors on the pen tablet. Additional features are shown for reference. PC Card Door Figure 1-4 Speaker...
  • Page 16 Infrared Keyboard Port Mini-dock Connector (cover removed) Figure 1-6 Table 1-2 provides a description of each peripheral connector and interface on the Stylistic LT pen tablet. Each of the illustrated icons is embossed on the pen tablet case. Table 1-2 Connector/ Pen Tablet Icon Peripheral...
  • Page 17 Table 1-2 Connector/ Pen Tablet Icon Peripheral Wireless Keyboard Infrared Port Headphone Jack Mini-dock No icon Connector USB Port PC Cards Modem Port No icon Charging No icon Contacts * To avoid damaging the pen tablet or your peripheral device, shut down the system or suspend system operation before connecting or disconnecting a peripheral device to this port.
  • Page 18 1-12 Getting Started...
  • Page 19: Using The Stylistic Lt Pen Tablet

    Chapter 2 Using the Stylistic LT Pen Tablet This chapter covers the fundamental concepts, basic system operation and use, and system functions of the Stylistic LT pen tablet. You should familiarize yourself with this information before you attempt to operate the system. System States Before you begin using the Stylistic LT pen tablet, review the different system states (or modes) that the pen tablet can use.
  • Page 20 • Off state All system functions are turned off to conserve power. The system does not respond to the pen or other input. The system boots at the next system power-on. Your system may be configured to enter some of these states automatically after a period of inactivity to conserve battery power.
  • Page 21: Using The Pen

    Using the Pen The Stylistic LT pen can be damaged if used improperly. Treat the pen as you would any writing instrument. Observe the following guidelines for proper pen handling: • The pen tip is spring-loaded to provide writing comfort and to prevent screen damage.
  • Page 22: Starting The Pen Tablet

    positioned over an icon without activating it. This is useful when you are performing procedures that require accurate cursor positioning, such as when simulating mouse rollover, selecting a small icon, or beginning a paint session. • To enable hovering, tap the Pen Hovering icon on the keypad. The Hovering system status indicator light illuminates green when hovering is selected.
  • Page 23 Note: This feature may not be enabled, depending upon how your system is configured. Contact either your reseller or your IS department for more information on how your pen tablet is configured. Card Locator/Escape hole Figure 2-1 Stylistic LT Security Card 2-2a.
  • Page 24 When prompted by your Stylistic LT pen tablet to enter a password, perform the following procedure: 1. Ensure that the system speaker is on. Audible signals are used later in this procedure. 2. Place the security card on the display screen in a position similar to Figure 2-2a. Note that the card can be placed anywhere along the edge, as long as it is positioned with the cut corner facing the upper left.
  • Page 25: Shutting Down The System

    Shutting Down the System Follow these steps to shut down and turn off your system: 1. If system operation has been suspended, resume system operation. See “Resuming System Operation” later in this chapter for details. 2. Save your work and close all running programs. 3.
  • Page 26 4. Observe the Power icon in the Status display to determine which suspend mode your system is using. • Power icon is blinking: Suspend-to-RAM mode In this mode, active data is saved by maintaining power to RAM while most other system components are powered off. The Power icon in the Status display indicates the battery charge level.
  • Page 27: Resuming System Operation

    system operation. (If the battery charge drops to the Critically Low level while the system is in Suspend-to-RAM mode, the system stays in Suspend-to-RAM mode.) • Suspending system operation interrupts data communications; however, some programs may block the system from suspending to prevent an interruption. •...
  • Page 28: Using Hotpads

    Using Hotpads The Hotpad area consists of several pen-active “keys” on the right side of the system display that you can use to change several settings. The hotpads allow you to: • Adjust the display and speaker settings • Invoke right mouse button •...
  • Page 29 A summary of each hotpad’s function is given below. Equivalent key codes are included for applicable hotpad keys. These can be used when Note: a keyboard is connected. Icon Name Escape Display Device Save-to-Disk Cursor Control Numeric Keypad SPACE Right Mouse Button Table 2-2 Hotpad Keys Description Functions the same as the [Esc] key on a typical...
  • Page 30: Charging The Battery Pack

    Icon Name Pen Hovering Speaker Volume Down Speaker Volume Up Speaker Volume Mute Brightness Down Brightness Up Contrast Down Contrast Up Charging the Battery Pack The Stylistic LT battery pack can be charged while it is installed in the pen tablet. To do 1.
  • Page 31: Removing And Installing The Battery Pack

    appears in the Status display. If the battery pack charge is 90% or higher when you connect DC power, the battery pack will not charge; this prevents overcharging the battery pack. 2. Look at the Power icon in the Status display to determine the approximate percent of charge in the battery pack.
  • Page 32 The Stylistic LT pen tablet does not have a bridge battery. Prior to removing the battery pack, be sure to save your data by tapping the Save-to-Disk icon on the keypad or connect an AC adapter. Save-to-RAM will not suffice, since all data in RAM is lost when the battery is removed.
  • Page 33: Conserving Battery Power

    Removable Battery Pack Figure 2-4 Removing and Installing the Battery Pack Conserving Battery Power You can extend the charge life of your battery pack by conserving battery power. A fully charged battery pack can run the system under normal use in most applications for approximately 2 hours (standard, 3-cell battery pack) or 4 hours (extended, 6-cell battery pack).
  • Page 34: Modem Connection

    Modem Connection Note: The optional internal 56 Kbps modem installed in some models of the Stylistic LT pen tablet* has actual transfer rates of 53 Kbps (receive), 33.6 Kbps (send), and 14.4 Kbps (fax). Download rates are limited to 53 Kbps in the United States due to FCC restrictions.
  • Page 35: Lan Connection

    LAN Connection Some models of the Stylistic LT have an internal LAN card that allows the computer to be connected to a high-speed LAN by 100BASE-TX Ethernet. An optional Stylistic LT mini-dock (Part Number FMW29PR1) is required in Note: order to use the LAN option. 1.
  • Page 36: Pc Card Slots

    PC Card Slots The Stylistic LT pen tablet has two PC Card slots that allow you to install up to two Type II PC Cards using both slots 1 and 2, or a single Type III PC Card using slot 1 only.
  • Page 37: Care And Maintenance

    To obtain additional screen protectors use Fujitsu part number FMWSP8 (12-pack) when ordering. Additional information about installation is included with the screen protectors.
  • Page 38: Storing The Stylistic Lt Pen Tablet

    • Cleaning the screen surface with denatured alcohol may result in streaking. If streaking occurs, buff the screen surface lightly with a soft, dry cloth. • The Stylistic LT pen tablet is not waterproof. Do not pour liquids on the system or wash it with a soaked cloth. 3.
  • Page 39: Protecting The Stylistic Lt Pen Tablet In Harsh Environments

    Protecting the Stylistic LT Pen Tablet in Harsh Environments The Stylistic LT pen tablet is designed for use in environments where there is no direct exposure to rain, mist, sprays, dirt, or other abrasive particles. The optional Stylistic LT harsh environment case (FMWCC39) and the Stylistic LT screen protector (FMWSP8) provide some protection in these environments, as well as from physical damage due to shock or vibration.
  • Page 40: Calibrating The Pen

    Calibrating the Pen You calibrate the pen to adjust the cursor position on the screen relative to the position of the pen tip. If the cursor is not displayed under the pen tip when you use the pen, you should calibrate the pen. Pen calibration may be required due to the following situations: •...
  • Page 41: Replacing The Pen

    Replacing the Pen With use, the pen tip may become worn or may pick up abrasive particles that can scratch the screen. A damaged or warped tip may not move freely, causing unpredictable results when using the pen. If your pen exhibits any of these problems, replace the pen.
  • Page 42: Solving Problems

    Solving Problems Solutions to some common problems are described in the following sections. If you are experiencing a problem with your Stylistic LT pen tablet that you cannot solve by taking the actions described, contact your local help desk or your reseller for further assistance.
  • Page 43: Infrared Data Transfer Is Not Working

    Infrared Data Transfer Is Not Working For troubleshooting problems between the Stylistic LT and the optional wireless Note: keyboard, refer to the section of Chapter 4 entitled “Encountering Problems when Using the Wireless Keyboard.” If you are experiencing problems transferring data over the system’s infrared interface, check the following: •...
  • Page 44: Audio Volume Is Too Low

    Audio Volume Is Too Low If the audio volume on your pen tablet speaker or external headphones is too low, check the following: • Ensure that the speaker (or headphone output if using headphones) is enabled. To do so, tap the Speaker Mute hotpad. The system beeps when the speaker or headphone output is turned on using the Speaker Mute hotpad.
  • Page 45: Using The Optional Peripherals

    Chapter 4 Using the Optional Peripherals Several custom options are available to support your Stylistic LT pen tablet, as listed in the “Optional Accessories” section of Chapter 1. This chapter contains information to assist you in using three of the more complex peripherals: the Mini-Dock (FMW29PR1), the Charge-Only Dock (FMW29CR1), and the Wireless Keyboard (North America: FMWKB4A, United Kingdom: FMWKB4B, Germany: FMWKB4D, and France: FMWKB4F).
  • Page 46 • PS/2-style Keyboard Port Used for connecting a keyboard with a PS/2-style connector. • LAN Port Used for connecting the pen tablet’s optional internal LAN card to a LAN hub. The LAN port can only be used with systems that have been pre-configured with Note: the optional internal LAN card.
  • Page 47 Figure 4-2 Right-Side of Stylistic LT Mini-Dock Support Bail Parallel Port Serial Port Video Port Figure 4-3 Rear and Left-Side of Stylistic LT Mini-Dock LAN Port PS/2-style Mouse Port Floppy Disk Drive Port Stylistic LT Mini-Dock AC Adapter Port Support Platform PS/2-style Keyboard Port...
  • Page 48: Installing The Stylistic Lt Into The Mini-Dock

    Installing the Stylistic LT into the Mini-Dock • Dropping conductive material onto the charging contacts could result in internal damage to the pen tablet circuitry. • Prior to installing the Stylistic LT into the mini-dock, be sure to disconnect the AC adapter first. Failure to do so could result in damage to the system or the mini-dock.
  • Page 49: Removing The Stylistic Lt From The Mini-Dock

    Removing the Stylistic LT from the Mini-Dock 1. Shut down the system and disconnect the AC adapter from the mini-dock or pen tablet, if required. 2. While holding the base of the mini-dock with one hand, grasp the pen tablet at the top and firmly pull it straight up from the base.
  • Page 50: Installing The Stylistic Lt Into The Charge-Only Dock

    Support Bail Figure 4-6 Charge-Only Dock Support Bail Installing the Stylistic LT into the Charge-Only Dock • Dropping conductive material onto the charging contacts could result in internal damage to the pen tablet circuitry. • Prior to first installing the Stylistic LT into the charge-only dock, be sure to disconnect the AC adapter from the dock.
  • Page 51: Stylistic Lt Wireless Keyboard

    Stylistic LT Wireless Keyboard The wireless keyboard allows you to transmit between the Stylistic LT and the keyboard using infrared rays. Using the Wireless Keyboard There are several key points to remember when using the wireless keyboard: • The pen tablet should be securely seated upright, either in a mini-dock, charge-only dock, or portfolio carrying case.
  • Page 52: Entering An Identification Code

    Entering an Identification Code When multiple keyboards and pen tablets are used in a small area, it may be necessary to assign an individual identification code to each keyboard/pen tablet pair. Assigning identification codes prevents interference or “cross-talk” between closely situated keyboards and systems. The identification code assigned to a keyboard/pen tablet pair is temporary.
  • Page 53: Replacing The Wireless Keyboard Batteries

    • The infrared transmitter on the keyboard is not properly aligned with the pen tablet infrared photosensor. • The keyboard is too far from the pen tablet, or something is obstructing the line-of-sight between the ports. • The remote control for another device (such as a television or wireless headphones) is being operated in the same vicinity as the keyboard.
  • Page 54 To replace the batteries in your wireless keyboard: 1. Close any open programs on your pen tablet. 2. Remove the wireless keyboard battery compartment cover by pinching the latch towards the cover, then pulling the cover away from the keyboard, as in Figure 4-8a.
  • Page 55: Appendix A Agency Notices

    This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC rules. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Fujitsu Personal Systems, Inc., could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 56 with other information. If requested, users must provide their telephone company with the following information: • The telephone number to which the pen tablet is connected • The Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) for this equipment • The information that the system requires a standard modular jack type USOC RJ-11C which is FCC Part 68-compliant •...
  • Page 57: Doc (Industry Canada) Compliance Notices

    • All public or semipublic coin-operated or credit card telephones. • Elevators, highways, tunnels (automobile, subway, railroad, or pedestrian) where a person with impaired hearing might be isolated in an emergency. • Places where telephones are specifically installed to alert emergency authorities such as fire, police, or medical assistance personnel.
  • Page 58: Avis Aux Utilisateurs Du Réseau Téléphonique Canadien

    Repairs to telecommunication equipment should be made by a Canadian authorized maintenance facility. Any repairs or alterations not expressly approved by Fujitsu Personal Systems, Inc. or any equipment failures may give the telecommunications company cause to request the user to disconnect the equipment from the telephone line.
  • Page 59 Les réparations de l’équipement de télécommunications doivent être effectuées par un service de maintenance agréé au Canada. Toute réparation ou modification, qui n’est pas expressement approuvée par Fujitsu Personal Systems, Inc., ou toute défaillance de l’équipement peut entrainer la compagnie de télécommunications à...
  • Page 60 Appendix...
  • Page 61 Index AC Adapter port, 4-1 Auto Adapter, 1-2 battery charger, external, 1-2 battery gauge, 2-13 battery latch, 1-4 battery pack 3-cell, 1-2 6-cell, 1-2 charging, 2-12 charging time, 2-13 critically low level, 2-8, 2-9 low-battery warning, 2-8 no memory effect, 2-13 overcharge protection, 2-13 removing and installing, 2-13, 2-14 storing in system unit, 3-2...
  • Page 62 hovering key hotpad, 2-10 hovering mode, 2-3 disabling, 2-4 hovering/security icon, 1-8 icons, 1-7 charging, 1-7 HDD access, 1-8 hovering/security, 1-8 power, 1-7 identification code, wireless keyboard, 4-8 Idle or Standby state, 2-1 infrared data transfer not working, 3-7 infrared keyboard port, 1-11 interfaces connectors and peripherals, 1-9 IrDA port, 1-3, 1-10...
  • Page 63: Power Icon

    removable battery pack, 1-4 reset button, 1-4 resuming system operation, 2-9, 3-6 right mouse button hotpad, 2-10 Save-to-Disk hotpad, 2-10 Save-to-Disk mode, 2-1, 2-7, 2-8, 2-9 screen protectors, 1-2 security card, 1-2 using, 2-4 selecting an object with the pen, 2-3 serial port, 4-1 shutting down the system, 2-7 slipcase, 1-2...

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