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Fujitsu PenCentra 130 User Instructions

Compact desk stand for pencentra 130, pencentra 200, stylistic lt
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Compact Desk Stand
User's Instructions
PenCentra 130, PenCentra 200,
Stylistic LT
The Compact Desk Stand is a compact,
adjustable device for supporting your
PenCentra 130, PenCentra 200, or Stylistic
LT pen tablet.
The desk stand consists of four primary
parts, as illustrated in Figure 1:
• Left Leg Assembly
• Right Leg Assembly
• Platform
• Adjustment Cam
The desk stand is shipped flat and fully
assembled in a storage pouch. To open the
stand, unfold the leg assemblies so that they
resemble Figure 1. The desk stand can now
be used on a flat, stable surface, such as a
Using the Desk Stand
Place the pen tablet in the desk stand so that
the bottom of the tablet is centered in the
J-shaped sections of the leg assemblies.
The adjustment cam allows you to change
the viewing position of the pen tablet
screen. To adjust the viewing angle, turn the
cam around the shaft on which it is
mounted, as shown in Figure 2. Depending
on the position of the cam, the vertical
position of the screen varies. Experiment
with the adjustment cam until you find an
acceptable position.
When the stand is not in use, fold it flat and
store it in the storage pouch.
PenCentra 130, PenCentra 200, and Stylistic LT are trademarks of Fujitsu PC Corporation. © 2000 Fujitsu PC Corporation
Left Leg Assembly
Figure 1. Compact Desk Stand
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Figure 2. Adjustment Cam
Adjustment Cam
Right Leg



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