Self-Help - Acer PW.NAT05.002 User Manual

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click Help and Support. Type practice in the Search box, then
press E
Chapter 3: Troubleshooting
See the troubleshooting section of this
To avoid bodily injury, do not attempt to troubleshoot
your computer problem if:
- Power cords or plugs are damaged
- Liquid has been spilled into your computer
- Your computer was dropped
- The case was damaged
Instead, unplug your computer and contact a qualified
computer technician.
Have your customer ID, serial number,
and order number available, along with
a detailed description of your problem,
including the exact text of any error
messages, and the steps you have taken.
Make sure that your computer is nearby
at the time of your call. The technician
may have you follow troubleshooting
If you have
eMachines-supplied hardware or software, see
the following resources:
The printed or online documentation
that came with your hardware or
software. In many cases, additional
product information and online
documentation for eMachines-supplied
hardware can be found in our Web site's
Documentation Library.
The software publisher's Web site.
For more how-to information about Windows, click Start, then
questions about using your

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Table of Contents

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