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Keyboard; Memory - Acer PW.NAT05.002 User Manual

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click Start, then click Help and Support. Type memory error in the Search
box, then press E
The keyboard does not work
Make sure that the keyboard cable is
plugged in correctly. For more
information, see the poster that came
with your computer.
Remove all extension cables and switch
Clean the keyboard by using an aerosol
can of air with a narrow, straw-like
extension to remove dust and lint
trapped under the keys.
Try a keyboard that you know works to
make sure that the keyboard port works.
Reinstall the keyboard device driver.
A keyboard character keeps repeating or you
see a "keyboard stuck" or "key failure" error
Make sure that nothing is resting on the
Make sure that a key is not stuck. Press
each key to loosen a key that might be
stuck, then restart your computer.
Liquid spilled in the keyboard
If you spilled liquid in the keyboard, turn
off your computer and unplug the
keyboard. Clean the keyboard and turn it
upside down to drain it. Let the keyboard
dry before using it again. If the keyboard
does not work after it dries, you may
need to replace it.
For more information about troubleshooting memory errors,
You see a "Memory error" message
Use a third-party diagnostic program to
help determine if a memory module is

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Table of Contents

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