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Checking The Voltage Selection - Acer PW.NAT05.002 User Manual

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Checking the voltage selection

will be damaged. Make sure this switch is set correctly for your
location before turning on your computer. In the United States, the
utility power is supplied at a nominal 115 volts at 60 Hz. The power
supply should always be set to this when your computer is operating
in the United States. In other areas of the world, such as Europe,
the utility power is supplied at 230 volts at 50 Hz. If your computer
is operating in an environment such as this, the voltage switch
should be moved to 230.
Chapter 2: Setting Up and Getting Started
If you set the voltage selection switch incorrectly, your system
power supply
computer, provides power to the system
board, add-in cards, and peripheral devices.
The power supply's voltage selection for your
location is typically set at the factory, but you
can change it to match the electrical service
available in your usage area (such as while in
another country). Use the power selection
switch on the back of your computer to set the
voltage to 115V or 230V.
To set the voltage selection switch:
Disconnect your computer's power cable.
Use a tool such as an opened paper clip
to slide the voltage selection switch to
the correct voltage position. The switch is
located on the back of your computer,
near the power cable connector. For the
location, see
, a component built into your
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Table of Contents

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