Establishing Your Ethernet Network Connection; Testing Your Network - Acer PW.NAT05.002 User Manual

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Establishing your Ethernet network
Naming the computers and the workgroup
Computer Name and the same Workgroup Name.
Make sure that you have set up your router (wired
network) or access point (wireless network). If you are
setting up a wired network, make sure that you have
connected the network cabling.
Configuring the TCP/IP protocol
A networking protocol is a language computers use to
talk to each other. One of several available protocols
must be set up on each computer you plan to use on
your network. We recommend you use the
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
(TCP/IP), which is widely accepted and compatible for
local area networks (LANs), as well as for Internet
When networking is set up in Windows, TCP/IP is
automatically installed as the default protocol.
Using a DHCP server
In order to use the TCP/IP protocol on a computer with
a router or access point router, the protocol must be
set to "Obtain an IP address from a DHCP server." This
is typically preset when you receive your computer.
Configuring your router
After you have named your computers and set up
TCP/IP on them, you can configure your router using
your Web browser. For instructions, see your router's

Testing your network

Now that your home network is set up, log onto one
of your computers and access a favorite Internet Web
Chapter 2: Setting Up and Getting Started
You must give each computer on the network a unique

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Table of Contents

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