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Monitor - Acer PW.NAT05.002 User Manual

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The modem is not recognized by your
Make sure that the line connected to the
modem is working and plugged into the
appropriate port on your computer. See
your setup poster to make sure that the
connections have been made correctly.
If the modem shares the telephone line
with another device, make sure that the
telephone line is not in use (for example,
someone is on the telephone, or another
modem is in use).
Use the modem cable that came with
your computer. Some telephone cables
do not meet cable standards and may
cause problems with the connection.
Shut down and restart your computer.
Run Windows modem diagnostics.
For more information about modem troubleshooting,
click Start, then click Help and Support. Type modem
troubleshooting in the Search box, then press E
The modem is noisy when it dials and connects
When your modem tries to connect to another
modem, it begins
is a digital "getting acquainted" conversation
between the two modems that establishes
connection speeds and communication
protocols. You may hear unusual handshaking
sounds when the modems first connect. If the
handshaking sounds are too loud, you can turn
down the modem volume.
The screen resolution is not correct
Change the screen resolution from the
Display Settings
The computer is running but there is no picture
Make sure that the monitor is plugged in
and turned on. If the monitor is turned
on, the power LED should be lit.
Adjust the brightness and contrast
controls to the center position.
. Handshaking
dialog box.

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Table of Contents

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