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Using The Network - Acer PW.NAT05.002 User Manual

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Using the network

After the drives and printers on each network
computer are shared, you can:
Creating a shortcut to a network drive
After a shortcut is created on a computer for a drive
or folder on another computer, the contents of the
drive or folder can be accessed as if the drive were
attached directly to the computer.
For example, a shortcut is created on computer 2 to
the Documents folder on computer 1. To access the
Documents folder on computer 1 from computer 2,
double-click the shortcut icon.
Opening files across the network
To open files across the network:
View shared drives and folders
Map a network drive
Open and copy files stored on other network
Print documents on network printers
Start the program for the file you want to open.
Click File, then click Open.
Browse to the network drive that contains the
file you want to open.
Double-click the folder containing the file, then
double-click the file.

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Table of Contents

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