Adding A Printer To Your Network; Sharing Resources - Acer PW.NAT05.002 User Manual

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Adding a printer to your network

Instead of plugging a printer into each of your
computers, you can add a printer to your network. To
add a printer to the network, do one of the following:

Sharing resources

With a network, you can share your Internet
connection, drives, and printers.
Sharing drives and printers
With a network, you can
hard drives and DVD drives) and printers among the
computers connected to the network.
computer must have the shared printer's drivers installed. Follow the
instructions included with your printer to install the printer drivers
on each computer.
After the drives and printers on each network
computer are shared, you can access them as though
they were attached directly to your computer. Then
you can:
Sharing drives or folders
To share drives or folders:
Connect your printer to your networked
computer, then share the printer. For
information about sharing printers, see
drives and printers" on page
Connect your printer to your router or access
point if the router or access point includes a USB
or parallel port. For more information, see the
instructions that came with your router or access
Use a printer that has built-in networking.
Use a print server.
To share a printer among the network computers, each
View a network drive
Open and copy files stored on other network
Print documents on network printers
(Start), then click Computer.
drives (for example

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Table of Contents

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