Setting Up Wired Ethernet Network Hardware - Acer PW.NAT05.002 User Manual

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When buying your router, be sure the model includes
everything your network needs, including:
Internet security features, such as a firewall, to
protect your network from unwanted intruders
4-port switch to eliminate the need for
additional network hardware
DHCP server/dynamic IP address assignment to
automatically configure network and IP
Determining if an Ethernet card is already installed on
your computer

Setting up wired Ethernet network hardware

Making sure your broadband connection works
If you do not have a broadband connection already installed,
make the necessary arrangements with your ISP. Be sure to find out
how soon after the installation the line will be activated.
Broadband Internet settings differ from ISP to ISP. Before you begin
setting up your network, you should contact your ISP for any specific
instructions they have for setting up a
Before you change anything about your home setup,
make sure that your broadband connection is working
correctly. To test the connection, log onto the Internet
using your current setup. If the connection is not
working, contact your Internet service provider.
Installing Ethernet cards and drivers
After you have determined the type of Ethernet you
are using for your network, you need to install
Ethernet cards and drivers on the computers that do
not have Ethernet already installed. Use the
documentation that comes with your Ethernet cards
for instructions on installing the card and any required
Plug your Ethernet cable into your computer's jack and
the router or the cable or DSL modem at this point, if
you have not already done so.

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Table of Contents

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