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Using The World Wide Web - Acer PW.NAT05.002 User Manual

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Using the World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is a multimedia window to the
Internet that gives you access to millions of
information sources.
Information on the Web comes to you on
which are electronic documents that you view using a
Web page display program called a
use any of the commercially available Web browsers,
like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.
Web pages can contain text, animations, music, and
other multimedia features. A group of related Web
pages is called a
to shop, track investments, read the news, download
programs, and much more.
You can explore a Web site or visit other Web sites by
clicking areas on a Web page called
A link may be colored or underlined text, a picture, or
an animated image. You can identify a link by moving
the mouse pointer over it. If the pointer changes to a
hand, the item is a link.
To learn more about using the Web browser features,
click Help in the menu bar.
Chapter 2: Setting Up and Getting Started
Insert the other end of the modem cable
into a telephone wall jack. (The modem
will not work with digital or PBX
telephone lines.)
If you want, you can connect a telephone
to the PHONE jack on the modem on the
back of your computer.
Web site
. You can access Web sites
Web pages
. You can

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Table of Contents

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