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Operation; Operation Mode; Temperature; Fan Speed - Fujitsu UTY-RSRY Operating Manual



Press "
" button to select the operation mode while
in operation.
A heat pump model that is not set up as an Administrative
indoor unit cannot operate in the AUTO modes.
** Fan cannot be selected for a heat pump model.
*** Heating operation can not be performed in the
"Cooling-only" models.
• If the priority mode is set to "Priority on Administrative
indoor unit", the operating mode of other indoor units
except Administrative indoor unit will be controlled by
an Administrative indoor unit.
• If the operating mode of Administrative indoor unit is set to
"AUTO", "AUTO" is displayed in addition to the indicator of
current operating mode on other wired remote controllers except
Administrative indoor unit. In this case, operation of other indoor
units is controlled by the Administrative indoor unit.
Ex. : When operating mode of the Administrative indoor
unit is set to "AUTO" while air conditioning setting.
(The indication on other wired
remote controllers except
Administrative indoor unit).
When Administrative indoor
unit is set to "AUTO".


Press the "
" button or "
the room temperature while in operation. (The temperature
setting should be considered a standard value, and may differ
somewhat from the actual room temperature.)
Temperature setting range
18 to 30 °C (64 to 88 °F) or
20 to 30 °C (68 to 88 °F)
VRF system: 10 to 30 °C (48 to 88 °F)
Other system: 16 to 30 °C (60 to 88 °F)
* The lower limit of the setting temperature is different depending on the place of use.
" button to set


Instructions on heating are not applicable for the "Cooling-only" models.
Each press of the "
When operating, LED lamp (green) will light up.
Press the "


Press the "
speed while in operation. (The available fan speed differs depend-
ing on the type of indoor unit.)
is displayed if there is an error.
Stop operation immediately and contact the administrator.
(2) When a button is pushed to change a restricted setting,
is displayed, there are functions for which settings cannot be made.
(3) When
is displayed, the air conditioner might not suffi ciently cool the room in cooling mode,
or suffi ciently heat the room in heating mode. If
(4) The inoperative setting of indoor unit cannot be set.
(5) •
is displayed when operation of the air conditioner has stopped due to an emergency.
is displayed when the air conditioner is in test operation.
" button alternates operation and stop.
" button to set the airfl ow direction or swing
Airfl ow direction indicator
" or "
" button to select the fan
Fan speed indicator
* Select the fan speed automatically.
will fl ash.
does not turn off after a while, contact the



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