Fujitsu UTY-RCRYZ1 Installation Manual

Fujitsu UTY-RCRYZ1 Installation Manual

Wired type
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For authorized service personnel only.
[Original instructions]
Installation by end-users or not qualifi ed persons can
cause harm to personal safety, can cause severe
damage to building and product, can lead to improper
function or reduced lifetime of the equipment.
1. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS .......................................... 1
2. MAIN UNIT AND ACCESSORIES .............................. 2
3. ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENT .................................. 2
6. INITIALIZATION PROCEDURE ................................. 6
7. TURN ON THE POWER ............................................ 6
(for Administrator) ..................................................... 11
10. TEST RUN ............................................................... 12
11. ERROR CODES ...................................................... 12


• The "SAFETY PRECAUTIONS" indicated in the manual
contain important information pertaining to your safety.
Be sure to observe them.
• For details of the operation method, refer to the operat-
ing manual.
• Request the user to keep the manual on hand for future
use, such as for relocating or repairing the unit.
This mark indicates procedures
which, if improperly performed,
might lead to the death or serious
injury of the user.
Perform installation work in accordance with the instal-
lation manual. Request an authorized service personnel
to perform installation work. Do not install this unit by
yourself. Improper installation will cause injury, electric
shock, fi re, etc.
Perform electrical work by an authorized service
personnel in accordance with the installation manual
and the electrical wiring regulations or implementation
regulations of the country. Also do not install this unit
by yourself. Improper electric work will cause electric
shock or a fi re.
In the event of a malfunction (burning smell, etc.), im-
mediately stop operation, turn off the electrical breaker,
and consult authorized service personnel.
PART No. 9373328483-02
Do not install the unit in the following areas:
• Do not install the unit near a source of heat, steam, or
fl ammable gas. Otherwise, fi re could result.
• Area fi lled with mineral oil or containing a large
amount of splashed oil or steam, such as a kitchen. It
will deteriorate plastic parts, causing the parts to fall.
• Area that generates substances that adversely affect
the equipment, such as sulfuric gas, chlorine gas,
acid, or alkali.
It will cause corrosion on electronic components
which may lead to failure and/or fi re.
• Area containing equipment that generates electro-
magnetic interference. It will cause the control system
to malfunction, and cause erroneous operation.
• Install the unit in a well-ventilated place avoiding rains
and direct sunlight.
Do not operate this unit when your hands are wet.
Touching the unit with wet hands will cause an electric
When children can approach the unit or touch the unit,
take preventive measures.
Dispose of the packing materials safely. Tear and dis-
pose of the plastic packing bags so that children cannot
play with them. There is the danger of suffocation if
children play with the original plastic bags.
This mark indicates procedures
which, if improperly performed,
might possibly result in personal
harm to the user, or damage to
When detecting the room temperature using the remote
controller, please set up the remote controller accord-
ing to the following conditions. If the remote controller
is not well set, the correct room temperature will not be
detected, and thus the abnormal conditions like "not
cool" or "not heat" will occur even if the air-conditioner
is running normally. :
• A location with an average temperature for the room
being air conditioned.
• Not directly exposed to the outlet air from the air con-
• Out of direct sunlight.
• Away from the infl uence of other heat sources.
Do not touch the switches with sharp objects. Doing so
will cause injury, trouble, or electric shock.
Do not expose this unit directly to water. Doing so will
cause trouble, electric shock, or heating.
Do not set vessels containing a liquid on this unit. Liquid
that spills out will cause overheating, fi re and electric
Do not insert articles into the slit parts of this unit. Do-
ing so will cause trouble, heating, or electric shock.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Fujitsu UTY-RCRYZ1

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    REMOTE CONTROLLER Do not install the unit in the following areas: • Do not install the unit near a source of heat, steam, or (WIRED TYPE) fl ammable gas. Otherwise, fi re could result. INSTALLATION • Area fi lled with mineral oil or containing a large amount of splashed oil or steam, such as a kitchen.
  • Page 2: Main Unit And Accessories

    (a) Display panel 2. MAIN UNIT AND ACCESSORIES (b) Wireless remote controller signal receiver The following installation parts are supplied. Use them as (c) Room temperature sensor (inside) required. (d) [ ]: Operation mode button Name and Shape Q’ty Name and Shape Q’ty Set the operation mode.
  • Page 3 Status Icons 4.3. Setting the room temperature detection location Mode mismatch CAUTION Filter cleaning sign* As the temperature sensor of remote controller detects the temperature near the wall, when there is a certain Defrost operation difference between the room temperature and the wall temperature, the sensor will not detect the room Oil recovery operation temperature correctly sometimes.
  • Page 4: Installing The Remote Controller

    5. INSTALLING THE REMOTE CON- 5.1. Wiring method TROLLER When sheathed cable is used When Shielded cable is used WARNING Indoor unit Always use the accessories and specifi ed installation work parts. Check the state of the installation parts. Not using the specifi...
  • Page 5 (3) Attach the front case to the rear case. 5.3. Installation Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to the internal parts of this product. When you attach the front case, 5.3.1. Install the rear case make sure that the cables are not being pinched by When using the box, the depth of the front case.
  • Page 6: Initialization Procedure

    Note: Connector * Layout of Connector (adapter) and PC board is varies, If an error screen is displayed, Indoor unit depending on the type check the error code. If “26.4” or PC board of indoor unit. “26.5” is displayed, the error is a remote controller address error.
  • Page 7 Setting Items 8.1.2. Remote controller master/slave setting F1 settings mode: Initial settings [No.06] Item No. Setting Item Notes 8.1.1. Temperature unit setting • Make only one of the remote controller of the group 8.1.2. Remote controller master/slave setting the “Master”. 8.1.3.
  • Page 8 8.1.4. Master indoor unit setting [No.12] (2) Select the 2-wire remote controller address with [ or [ ] button. Then touch [ ] button. Notes (2)-a (2)-b • Master indoor unit setting cannot be set while indoor unit is running. •...
  • Page 9 8.1.7. Remote controller address manual set- (1) Select the “30” in F1 settings. Then touch [ ] but- ton. ting [No.15] (2) Select “1: Valid” with [ ] or [ ] button, and touch Notes ] button. (Select “0: Invalid”, and touch [ ] but- ton to return to the F1 settings selection screen.) •...
  • Page 10 8.2.2. Version [No.03] (1) Select the “03” in F2 settings. Then touch [ ] but- ton. (2) Select software type with [ ] or [ ] button. –: Signal reception disabled A: Custom code A b: Custom code B C: Custom code C d: Custom code D Software type (3) Touch [...
  • Page 11: Special State Confirmation (For Administrator)

    (3) Touch [ ] button to display the Refrigerant system 9. SPECIAL STATE CONFIRMATION address and Indoor unit address. (for Administrator) (1) With “Monitor Mode” screen displayed, touch and hold ] and [ ] button simultaneously for at least 2 seconds. (2) The special state selection screen appears.
  • Page 12: Test Run

    ● Example error confi rmation operations This product state Touch [ ] button. 2-wire remote No error Error state controller address (This product) Indoor unit: Error in progress Error state Touch [ ] button. 2-wire remote controller address (Indoor unit) 10.

Table of Contents