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Disposal - AEG DVD-R 4518 Operation Manual


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05-DVD-R 4518 AEG - GB 83


At the end of the service life of the appliance, in particular if it is
malfunctioning, make the appliance unusable by pulling the mains
plug out of the socket and separating the power cable. Dispose of the
appliance according to the environmental regulations applicable in
your country. Electrical waste may not be disposed of together with
household waste. For any advice regarding recycling, contact your
local municipal authorities or your dealer.
Notes on Handling Batteries/Akku:
Keep batteries away from children. They are not a toy!
Never throw batteries into a fi re or immerse in water.
When inserting a battery, ensure the correct polarity.
Do not open the batteries/akku by force.
Avoid contact with metallic objects. (Rings, nails, screws et cetera.)
There is a danger of short-circuiting!
As a result of a short-circuit batteries may heat up considerably or
even catch fi re. This may result in burns.
If a battery/akku leaks do not rub the liquid into your eyes or mu-
cous membranes. If hands come into contact with the liquid they
should be washed thoroughly and eyes rinsed out with clear water;
if symptoms persist please consult a doctor.
Used batteries should not be disposed of in the normal domestic
waste. Please return old batteries to an appropriate connection
The following symbols are to be found on (rechargeable) batteries/
akku containing harmful substances:
Pb = contains lead
Cd = contains cadmium
Hg = contains mercury
Li = contains lithium
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents