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Recordings - AEG DVD-R 4518 Operation Manual


Table of Contents
System Setup -
Simple recording
05-DVD-R 4518 AEG - GB 75
6. Press Cursor button
(Fig. 3/10) in order to move the station to
the left-hand list.
Proceed in the same way with the other stations.
Exiting the Menu: Press the SETUP button (Fig. 3/13).
Here you can enter the date and time.
To do so, please proceed as follows:
1. Use the Cursor buttons to select the menu item "Date" or "Time".
2. Press the SELECT button (Fig. 3/11). The fi rst fi gure of the number
to be entered is marked.
3. With Cursor buttons
res between 0 and 9.
4. With Cursor buttons
month, day and year as well as the hours, minutes or seconds.
Confi rm your entry with the SELECT button (Fig. 3/11) or press the
EDIT button (Fig. 3/14) to cancel the procedure.


If you would like to make a recording using the internal TV recei-
ver of the DVD recorder, fi rst you have to connect an appropriate
antenna and then store the television stations. Please see the
section „Scan Channels".
If you do not want to make a recording using the internal TV re-
ceiver of the DVD recorder you have to establish a corresponding
line connection with an output device. Please see the operating
instructions of the corresponding device.
1. Insert a recordable DVD±RW or DVD±R into the recorder.
2. Use the TV (Fig. 3/4) or AV buttons (Fig. 3/26) to select an input
Selection in the case of AV:
CVBS rear
S-VIDEO rear
Selection in the case of TV:
You can record from any station that has been stored.
3. Press the STOP button (Fig. 3/22) to cancel the recording.
With a new disk it takes about 10 seconds for the recording pro-
cess to fi nally stop. This is normal. During this time the CD/DVD
drawer cannot be opened.
The formatting of a DVD±RW may take up to approximately
30 minutes.
Changing the default settings
(Fig. 3/12, 32) you can now enter fi gu-
(Fig. 3/10, 33) you can now enter the
05.07.2006, 10:31:34 Uhr



Table of Contents

Table of Contents