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AEG DVD-R 4518 Operation Manual page 70


Table of Contents
Changing the default settings
System Setup -
05-DVD-R 4518 AEG - GB 70
TV aspect ratio
Here you can adapt the output of the DVD recorder to the TV-aspect.
Concerning the background: If you do not have a wide screen TV the
TV-aspect will be 4:3. However, most feature fi lms have an aspect of
16:9, the image is therefore too wide for the TV-screen.
Here you can specify how the replay of the fi lm is to be adapted to the
replay device:
Pan-Scan: You will only see the middle section of the fi lm. The
borders will be cut off („Pan-Scan").
Letter Box: You will see the complete width of the fi lm. The fi lm is
thus reduced in size, whereby black bars appear below and above
the fi lm („Letter-Box").
16:9: Select this option if you use a wide screen TV for replay.
Please note that fi lms, that have been recorded with TV-aspect
4:3 can still be replayed using aspect 4:3. This means, that
replaying this fi lm will not require the complete wide screen area of
the television.
Rating Level
The DVD player is fi tted with a child lock. If you would like to change
the settings, you fi rst have to defi ne a password. This password safe-
guards the settings for the child protection system, so that it can only
be changed by yourself.
In order to change the password, you must fi rst enter the current
password. The master password is „3308".
If you forgot your password, you can deactivate the child protection
system with this password.
a) Entering the password:
1. Enter the current password with the Numerical Buttons
(Fig. 3/18) on the remote control. To prevent the password
from being read by unauthorized persons only the characters
"XXXX" will appear on the screen.
2. Confi rm your entry in the menu with „OK" or with the SELECT
button (Fig. 3/11).
b) Adjusting the child protection settings:
Some DVD contain information concerning the target group. This
method is comparable with the rating of cinema fi lms („Suitable
only for persons of 12 years and over" e.g.).
If you have the child protection option activated a probably existing
corresponding information is read from the DVD and compared
with the value pre-set by you. If a DVD is intended for an older age
group than the one pre-set by you, the DVD cannot be played.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents