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AEG DVD-R 4518 Operation Manual page 62


Table of Contents
Playing media
Changing Audio-
Showing subtitles
Showing still images
Stopping the replay
Selecting previous
Selecting next
Selecting chapter/track
Accessing a section
via menu
05-DVD-R 4518 AEG - GB 62
Press the AUDIO-button (Fig. 3/5) to display the currently selected
Audio language.
Press the AUDIO-button several times to change the Audio language.
The audio languages available depend on the DVD.
If the medium does not support this function (e.g. a CD), you can
use this button to change the Audio mode and set it e.g. to „Left,
Right" or „Stereo".
Press the SUBTITLE-button (Fig. 3/6) to display the current subtitle
status. Press the button several times if you would like to activate or
deactivate the subtitle function or if you want to choose a different sub-
title language. The available subtitle languages depend on the DVD.
1. Press the PAUSE/STEP-button (Fig. 3/44) on the remote control.
The replay is interrupted, the currently visible image is "frozen".
2. Press the PAUSE/STEP-button (Fig. 3/44) again. The next image
is displayed.
3. Press the PLAY-button (Fig. 3/43) on the remote control to restart
the "normal" replay.
Press the STOP-button (Fig. 3/22) during replay. The replay stops.
Press the PLAY-button (Fig. 3/43) again, to continue the replay
from the last position.
Press the STOP-button (Fig. 3/22) twice to stop the replay
completely. Press the PLAY-button (Fig. 3/43) again, to replay the
CD/DVD from the beginning.
Press the I
button (Fig 3/42) to jump to the start of the previous
chapter or track.
This function is not possible with DVDs you have burned yourself.
Press the
I button (Fig 3/41) to jump to the start of the next chapter
or track.
Enter the number of the desired chapter/track with the numerical
keys on the remote control (Fig. 3/18).
Replay of the chapter/track starts after a short while.
The on-screen menu enables comfortable access to any sections of a
medium. To do this, proceed as follows:
1. Press the GOTO-button (Fig. 3/39). The media specifi c menu is
displayed .
2. You can see a menu with a cursor. By repeatedly pressing the
GOTO button you can select between the desired categories (e.g.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents