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About The Dvd Recorder - AEG DVD-R 4518 Operation Manual


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Handling CD/DVD
05-DVD-R 4518 AEG - GB 59

About the DVD recorder

With the DVD player you can play back a large number of fi le formats,
➯ „Technical Data".
However, you must be aware that in many cases DVDs are encrypted
with a so-called "Regional Code". This specifi es for which region in
the world the DVD is intended. As an example, the DVDs marked with
regional code "1" are intended for the USA and Canada. DVDs with
regional code "2" are for use in Europe.
With your DVD recorder you can only play DVDs with regional code
"2". There are both lots of burning and compressing methods as
well as high quality differences in (burned) CDs/DVDs. Moreover,
the music industry has not yet agreed on a fi xed standard for copy
protection. This may, in very isolated cases, result in problems when
relaying CDs, DVDs and MP3 CDs. This is no malfunction of the
Furthermore, there may be isolated problems when playing CDs or
DVDs which were created on a PC (e.g. holiday photographs). In case
of problems check the settings of the DVD writing program on your
computer. You should in particular make sure that the DVD has been
fi nalized. For further information on this matter please refer to the
operating manual of your recorder.
Input Not Possible
If a function or input selected by you is not possible, the adjacent
symbol is shown on the screen.
CDs and DVDs are highly sensitive media. Please observe the follo-
wing points in order to avoid damage or contamination.
Hold CDs or DVDs only by their edges.
Do not expose CDs or DVDs to heat sources (e.g. direct sunlight).
Keep CDs or DVDs always in their jewel cases.
If necessary clean CDs or DVDs with a soft cleaning cloth. Wipe
from inside to outside. Do not use any detergents or solvents.
If you want to write on DVDs: use only a suitable pen. Write only
on the upper side!
Track: "Track" is the designation for sections on an Audio-CD. This
may be a song, the set of a symphony, etc.
Title/Chapter: Video-DVDs are divided into "Title" and „Chapters".
A „Title" may be e.g. a particular fi lm, the „Chapters" may be sub-
sections of this fi lm.
MPEG4:Your DVD player is also suitable for playing back fi les that
have been compressed using the MPEG-4 system (short for Mo-
ving Picture Experts Group-4). MPEG-4 is a compression method
by means of which large quantities of data can be reduced without
any noticeable loss of picture and sound quality.
About the DVD recorder
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents