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AEG DVD-R 4518 Operation Manual page 64


Table of Contents
Playing media
Using the DVD-menu
Using fast forward or
Enlarging a
screen section
Changing the
viewing angle
Adjusting the volume
05-DVD-R 4518 AEG - GB 64
Normally each DVD has its own menu. Here you can choose chapters,
make settings, etc. This menu is specifi c for the DVD and can thus not
be explained in detail.
Press the MENU-button (Fig. 3/35) to access the DVD-menu. Use the
Cursor Buttons (Fig. 3/10, 12, 32, 33) to navigate in the Menu. Press
the PLAY-button (Fig. 3/43) to confi rm.
If you are in a menu area for direct chapter selection, you can enter
the number of this chapter with the Numerical Buttons (Fig. 3/18) on
the remote control.
The DVD recorder has a fast forward and a fast reverse feature.
1. Press the
(Fig. 3/20) or
forward or fast reverse. The current replay direction and the speed,
e.g. „FF2" is now displayed on screen.
2. Press the
(Fig. 3/20) or
in order to change the speed. The speed can be accelerated by
factor 2, 4, 16 or 32 .
3. Press the PLAY-button (Fig. 3/43) to restart the "normal" replay
when the desired section is reached.
You can change the screen section when viewing DVDs, VCDs or
Press the ZOOM-button (Fig. 3/30) to change the screen section.
Press the button several times to select the suitable zoom factor or to
return to the original zoom factor.
Some DVDs offer the possibility to select the viewing angle.
Press the ANGLE-button (Fig. 3/28) to change the viewing angle.
IIf changing the Viewing Angle is not possible, the message „ " will
be displayed.
Repeat pressing the the button to choose a different viewing angle, or
to return to the original viewing angle.
Press the VOL + button (Fig. 3/36) to increase the volume.
Press the VOL - button (Fig. 23/38) to reduce the volume.
Please remember, that this will only change the output volume of the
DVD recorder. In order to adjust the volume to your requirements
you may also have to change the volume of the replay device.
button (Fig. 3/19) to start fast
button (Fig. 3/19) several times
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents