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AEG DVD-R 4518 Operation Manual page 69


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System Setup -
05-DVD-R 4518 AEG - GB 69
Screen saver
The player is able to display a still image for any time on the screen.
This can cause damage to the screen. It is therefore recommended to
activate the screen saver. The following options are available:
ON: The screen saver is activated (default setting).
OFF: The screen saver is deactivated.
If you have selected the YUV output, the following options are now
Progressive: Full pictures are played back.
Interlace: Half (interlaced) pictures are played back.
With the option „YUV/RGB" you determine the signal format to be
transmitted to your replay device. Choosing the right signal format
depends on the type of connection and the replay device (see also the
operating manual of the replay unit).
Older replay units normally only support the so-called interlaced
scanning method („YUV"). With this method the image is composed
by means of two successively built up fi elds. The fi rst fi eld thereby
consists of the even screen lines, the second one of the odd ones.
With the „progressive" Video signal, in contrast, the complete image
is build up in a single process. The thus achieved image quality is
normally much higher.
The following options are available:
YUV: Choose this option if your replay device does not support
progressive signals and is connected to the DVD recorder by
means of a Component-Video cable.
RGB: Choose this option if your replay device supports progressi-
ve signals and is connected to the DVD recorder by means of an
S-Video cable or a Composite-Video cable.
If the DVD recorder is connected to the replay device by means of
a Composite-Video cable or a SCART-cable, you may choose any
setting from this menu.
Video output format
Match the output of the DVD recorder to the colour transfer system of
your replay device. The following options are available:
NTSC: A system primarily used in North America.
PAL: A system commonly used in Europe.
Restore factory settings
Select the command „Restore factory settings" if you want to reset the
player to the factory implemented default settings.
Any settings you have made will be lost.
Changing the default settings
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents