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AEG DVD-R 4518 Operation Manual page 81


Table of Contents
CD/DVD Playback
The disc is not played
back by the device
Playback Functions
Some functions such
as stop, search or slow
motion playback do not
Titles are played in
wrong order
The language of the
soundtrack or the
subtitles cannot be
The viewing angle
cannot be changed.
Timer recording is not
The timer recording is
not complete or did not
start at the beginning.
05-DVD-R 4518 AEG - GB 81
Possible cause
no DVD/CD inserted
DVD/CD not compatible
DVD/CD incorrectly placed in
CD/DVD is dirty
CD/DVD is damaged
The device cannot play back
/record some types of disc.
This is not a fault of the device!
The region code of the DVD is not
the same as that of the device.
The device cannot play back the
disc if it was recorded on another
recorder and has not been
fi nalised.
System settings incorrect
The password is activated.
Depending on the disc, it is pos-
sible that some of these functions
do not work.
Playlist is used
No multilanguage tracks
or subtitles were recorded
on the DVD, DVD±R or
DVD±RW currently being
played back.
The DVD does not allow the
language or soundtrack to be
The DVD currently being played
back was recorded from only one
viewing angle.
The clock of the DVD recorder
has not been set.
The timer setting overlapped
another setting entered at a
later time.
There was not enough space
available on the disc.
Insert a CD/DVD.
Use only compatible media
(see ➯ Page 48, „Technical data").
Turn the CD/DVD around.
Clean the CD/DVD around ➯ Page 59, „Handling CD/DVD".
Use a different CD/DVD.
Try again with a disk from a different manufacturer.
When selecting DVDs, ensure the correct region code (RC2).
Finalise the recordings on the original recorder.
Check the system settings of the DVD recorder.
Deactivate the password Page 71 „Rating Level".
See the information accompanying the disc.
Delete the playlist
Try to change the language from the DVD video menu.
You can only change the viewing angle if the disc contains
scenes with multiple viewing angles.
Please set the time before making any timer recordings.
When recording, please note the start and end times of
the programs.
Please check the space available on the disc before-
05.07.2006, 10:31:42 Uhr



Table of Contents

Table of Contents