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Care And Cleaning - Kenwood CM030 Series Instructions Manual


This appliance conforms to EC
Regulation 1935/2004 on materials
and articles intended to come into
contact with food.
before using for the first time
1 Wash the parts: see 'care and
2 Run two full tanks of water (without
coffee) through the coffee maker to
clean it out. See 'to make coffee'.
cup warming tray
lid handle
paper filters
permanent filter (if supplied)
filter holder
anti-drip valve
water tank (750 mls)
on/off button with indicator
measuring spoon
to make coffee
1 Lift the lid using the handle
the front of the coffee maker.
2 Fill the tank with the desired amount
of water. The water level must be
between the 2 and 6 cup marks.
Do not fill above the MAX level.
Use cold water. We recommend
using filtered water as it reduces
limescale and prolongs the life of
your coffee maker. Never use warm
or fizzy water.
3 Ensure the filter holder is positioned
4 Fit either the permanent filter
supplied or a paper filter into the
filter holder. Add the coffee using
the spoon supplied (approximately
1 level spoon (7g) per cup to taste).
5 Close the lid and put the carafe on
the hotplate. NOTE: The lid
must be fitted to the carafe
in order to operate the anti-
drip valve.
6 Plug in and switch on.
7 Don't remove the carafe until
brewing has finished. When the
carafe is empty, switch off and
unplug the appliance.
Your coffee maker will keep the
coffee warm and then switch off
after approximately 40 minutes. The
indicator light will go out when the
keep warm stops. If you want to
continue keeping the coffee warm
then switch the coffee maker off for
approximately 2 seconds then
switch back on, the coffee will then
keep warm for another 40 minutes.
The hot plate will keep your coffee
hot, but the sooner you drink it, the
better it will taste.
If you have not used the appliance
for a while, run one full tank of
water (without coffee) through to
clean it out.
care & cleaning
Always switch off, unplug and allow
to cool before cleaning.
Don't wash parts in the dishwasher.
carafe and lid, filter holder
and permanent filter holder
Wash, then dry.
Wipe with a damp cloth, then dry.
Don't use abrasives - they'll scratch
the plastic and metal surfaces.
to descale
1 Buy a suitable descaler.
2 Descale the machine.
3 After descaling, run at least two full
tanks of water (without coffee)
through the coffee maker to clean it
4 Wash the parts.



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