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Kenwood CM030 Series Instructions Manual page 3


Read these instructions carefully and retain
for future reference.
Remove all packaging and any labels.
Watch out for steam, never lift the
tank lid during the brewing cycle.
Never touch the hotplate or surrounding
Always lift the lid using the handle at
the front
Do not touch hot parts including the cup
warming tray
Never let the cord hang down where a child
could grab it.
Never use a damaged appliance. Get it
checked or repaired: see 'service and
customer care'.
Never put the appliance in water or let the
cord or plug get wet - you could get an
electric shock.
before filling with water
before cleaning
after use.
Never leave the appliance on unattended.
Do not let the cord touch hot parts.
Always make sure there is water in the tank
before switching on.
This coffee maker is only suitable for use
with the type of carafe supplied.
Do not leave the appliance switched on with
an empty carafe on the hotplate.
Never put the carafe in the microwave.
Misuse of your appliance can result in injury.



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