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10. Use And Functions - Whirlpool Design Series Instructions For Installing And Using

Bain-marie units and heated glass tops
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1. Open the water cut-off valve;
2. Turn on the appliance main switch;
3. Fill the bain-marie tank keeping the switch pressed until the water reaches the overflow mark
(the tank empties by drawing off the overflow water);
4. Introduce the support bars and fit the GN basin lids to speed up water heating; 1 hour is
required to reach the required water temperature.
5. Set the required temperature levels on the respective thermostats;
6. To maintain correct constant temperature levels for the dishes, we advise setting the
thermostats as follows: 90°C for the tank and heated glass surface and 70°C for the heated
7. The bain-marie units are designed for containing the dishes in GN basins measuring h=
150mm and h= 100mm;
8. To avoid remaining without water, check the level frequently and top up as required;
9. Do not cover the intake grids of the motorised fan in the heated cabinet with dishes to ensure
that the hot air is able to circulate perfectly.



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