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Usb Device Problems; Diagnostics; Recovery; Restore System Files And Settings To An Earlier Point - Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub User Manual

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USB device problems

A USB device cannot be accessed.


Use diagnostic solutions to test hardware components and report operating-system-controlled settings that
interfere with the correct operation of your hub.
To use the Lenovo diagnostic:
1. Turn on or restart the hub.
2. Before Windows starts, repeatedly press and release the F10 key until the Lenovo diagnostic opens.
Note: If a BIOS password has been set, the UEFI BIOS will not open until you enter the correct
password. For more information, see "Use passwords" on page 13.
3. Follow the instructions on the screen to use the diagnostic program.


This section introduces the recovery information of the Windows 10 operating system. Ensure that you read
and follow the on-screen recovery instructions. The data on your hub might be deleted during the recovery
process. To avoid data loss, make a backup copy of all the data that you want to keep.

Restore system files and settings to an earlier point

1. Go to Control Panel and view by large icons or small icons.
2. Click Recovery ➙ Open System Restore. Then, follow the on-screen instructions.

Restore your files from a backup

Note: If you use the File History tool to restore your files from a backup, ensure that you backed up your
data earlier with the tool.
1. Go to Control Panel and view by large icons or small icons.
2. Click File History ➙ Restore personal files. Then, follow the on-screen instructions.

Reset your hub

In the resetting process, you can remove your files when you reinstall the operating system.
Note: The items in the graphical user interface (GUI) might change without notice.
1. Open the Start menu, and then click Settings ➙ Update & Security ➙ Recovery.
• Connect the USB cable from the USB connector to the USB
device. If the USB device has its own power cord, connect the
power cord to a grounded electrical outlet.
• Turn on the USB device and keep the device online.
• Install any device drivers or programs supplied with the USB
device. Refer to the documentation that comes with the USB
device for more information.
• Disconnect and reconnect the USB connector to reset the USB
• Ensure that the Smart USB Protection function is disabled in UEFI
Chapter 7
Troubleshooting, diagnostics, and recovery


Table of Contents

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