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Yamaha CLAVINOVA CVP-501 Owner's Manual: Adjusting The Tempo

Yamaha electronic keyboard user manual.
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Changing Pattern Variation (Sections) During Style playback
Each Style features four different Main sections, four Fill-in sections and a Break
section. By using these sections effectively, you can easily make your performance
sound more dynamic and professional. The section can be freely changed while the
Style is playing back.
• MAIN VARIATION [A] – [D] buttons
Press one of the MAIN VARIATION [A] – [D] buttons to select the desired Main
section (the button lights in red). Each is an accompaniment pattern of a few mea-
sures and it plays indefinitely. Pressing the selected MAIN VARIATION button
again plays an appropriate fill-in pattern to spice up the rhythm and break the rep-
etition. After the fill-in finishes playing, it leads smoothly into the Main section.
Selected Main section's
lamp is lit in red
AUTO FILL function
When the [AUTO FILL IN] button is turned on, pressing any of the
Main [A] – [D] buttons as you play automatically plays fill-in section.
• [BREAK] button
This lets you add dynamic breaks in the rhythm of the accompa-
niment. Press the [BREAK] button during Style playback. When
the one-measure Break pattern finishes playing, the Style play-
back automatically shifts to the Main section.

Adjusting the Tempo

• TEMPO [-]/[+] buttons
By pressing the TEMPO [-] or [+] button, you can decrease/increase the tempo over
a range of 5 – 500. While the TEMPO pop-up is shown on the display, you can also
use the [DATA ENTRY] dial to adjust the value.
Pressing the TEMPO [-]/[+] buttons simultaneously resets the tempo to the default
• [TAP TEMPO] button
During Style playback, you can change the tempo by tapping
the [TAP TEMPO] button twice at the desired tempo.
When the Style is stopped, tapping the [TAP TEMPO] button
(four times for a 4/4 time signature) starts Style playback at the
tempo you tapped.
Selected Fill In section's
lamp flashes in red
CVP-509/505/503/501 Owner's Manual


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