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Yamaha CLAVINOVA CVP-501 Owner's Manual: Adding Articulation Effects To Super Articulation Voices

Yamaha electronic keyboard user manual.
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Adding Articulation Effects to Super Articulation Voices

With the center/left pedals, you can add articulation effects and characteristic
instrument performance sounds to your playing. When you select a SA or SA2
Voice, the function of center and left pedals are switched to control articulation
Three examples of effects are introduced to the following. The applied articulation
effect differs depending on the selected Voice. For details, refer to the Information
display called up by pressing the [7 ▲] (INFO) button on the Voice Selection
■ Pressing a pedal triggers different playing effects, separate from your keyboard
playing. For example, pressing a pedal for a saxophone Voice can produce breath
noises or key noises, while doing the same for a guitar Voice can produce fret
noises or body-tapping sounds. You can effectively intersperse these into the notes
as you play.
■ Playing the keyboard while pressing a pedal changes the nature of Voice. For
example, in the case of the nylon guitar Voice, pressing the corresponding pedal
lets you play harmonics for the guitar Voice. Releasing the pedal returns the Voice
to normal.
■ When an SA2 Voice is selected (CVP-509), pressing a pedal and playing/releasing
a note enables you to add articulation effects, such as bend up/down, glissando
up/down, brass fall, etc.
CVP-509/505/503/501 Owner's Manual
SA2 Voices are available only on the
CVP-509. SA Voices are available
only on the CVP-509/505.
Pedal functions are automatically
changed depending on the selected
Voice. However, if you need to, you
can lock the pedal function so that it
does not change automatically.
Keeping with the realistic response of
the original instruments, the effects
applied vary depending on the range
you are playing in.
When you select SA/SA2 Voices for
two or more keyboard parts, pressing
a pedal simultaneously affects all
parts on which SA/SA2 Voices are


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