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Yamaha CLAVINOVA CVP-501 Owner's Manual: Troubleshooting

Yamaha electronic keyboard user manual.
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A click or pop is heard when the power is turned on or off.
Noise is heard from the instrument's speakers.
In the LCD display, there are some black points (unlit) or white
points (always lit).
There is a slight difference in sound quality among different notes
played on the keyboard.
Some Voices have a looping sound.
Some noise or vibrato is noticeable at higher pitches, depending
upon the Voice.
The overall volume is too low, or, no sound is heard.
The sound is distorted or noisy.
Not all simultaneously played notes sound.
The keyboard volume is lower than the Song/Style playback vol-
The Main display does not appear even when turning the power on.
Some characters of the file/folder name are garbled.
An existing file is not shown.
CVP-509/505/503/501 Owner's Manual
Electrical current is being applied to the instrument. This is normal.
Noise may be heard if a mobile phone is used near the instrument or
if the phone is ringing. Turn off the mobile phone, or use it further
away from the instrument.
(CVP-509/505) These are the result of defective pixels and occasion-
ally occur in TFT-LCDs; they do not indicate a problem in operation.
This is normal and is a result of the instrument's sampling system.
The master volume may be set too low. Set it to an appropriate level
with the [MASTER VOLUME] dial.
All keyboard parts are set to off. Use the PART ON/OFF [RIGHT 1]/
[RIGHT 2]/[LEFT] button to turn it on.
The volume of the individual parts may be set too low. Raise the vol-
ume in the BALANCE display (page 58).
Make sure the desired channel is set to ON (pages 57, 64).
Headphones are connected, disabling the speaker output. Unplug the
If the speaker is set to OFF. Make sure the speaker setting is set to
ON (page 110). For details, refer to the Reference Manual on the
The volume may be turned up too high. Make sure all relevant volume
settings are appropriate.
This may be caused by certain effects or filter resonance settings.
Check the effect or filter settings and change them accordingly,
referring to the Reference Manual on the website.
You are probably exceeding the maximum polyphony (page 125) of
the instrument. When the maximum polyphony is exceeded, the earli-
est played notes will stop sounding, letting the latest played notes
The volume of the keyboard parts may be set too low. Raise the vol-
ume in the BALANCE display (page 58).
This may occur if a USB storage device has been installed to the
instrument. Installation of some USB storage device may result a long
interval between turning the power on and appearance of the Main
display. To avoid this, turn the power on after disconnecting the
The language settings have been changed. Set the appropriate lan-
guage for the file/folder name (page 17).
The file extension (.MID, etc.) may have been changed or deleted.
Manually rename the file, adding the appropriate extension, on a
Data files with names of more than 50 characters cannot be handled
by the instrument. Rename the file, reducing the number of charac-
ters to 50 or less.


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