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Xerox 2218 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template page 7

Xerox all in one printer user manual
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which does not require the
user to possess particular
biological characteristics,
shall also be provided.
(e) When products provide
auditory output, the audio
signal shall be provided at
a standard signal level
through an industry
standard connector that
will allow for private
listening. The product
must provide the ability to
interrupt, pause, and
restart the audio at
(f) When products deliver
voice output in a public
area, incremental volume
control shall be provided
with output amplification
up to a level of at least 65
dB. Where the ambient
noise level of the
environment is above 45
dB, a volume gain of at
least 20 dB above the
ambient level shall be user
selectable. A function shall
be provided to
automatically reset the
volume to the default level
after every use.
(g) Color coding shall not
be used as the only
means of conveying
information, indicating an
action, prompting a
response, or
distinguishing a visual
(h) When a product
permits a user to adjust
color and contrast
settings, a range of color
selections capable of
producing a variety of
contrast levels shall be
(i) Products shall be
designed to avoid causing
the screen to flicker with a
frequency greater than 2
Hz and lower than 55 Hz.
(j) (1) Products which are
freestanding, non-
Supporting Features
Not applicable
Not applicable
Not applicable
Not applicable
Remarks and explanations
There is no auditory output.
There is no voice output.
Color coding and additional means of unique
identification (e.g., text and symbols) are used.
There are no color contrast settings.
The flash rate of any flashing elements does not fall
between 2 Hz and 55 Hz.
The FaxCentre 2218 is portable and can be placed
Last Revision: 2/12/2007
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