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Xerox 2218 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template page 4

Xerox all in one printer user manual
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contrast levels shall be
(k) Software shall not use
flashing or blinking text,
objects, or other elements
having a flash or blink
frequency greater than 2
Hz and lower than 55 Hz.
(l) When electronic forms
are used, the form shall
allow people using
Assistive Technology to
access the information,
field elements, and
functionality required for
completion and
submission of the form,
including all directions and
Section 1194.22 Web-based Internet Information and Applications – Detail
(a) A text equivalent for
every non-text element
shall be provided (e.g., via
"alt", "longdesc", or in
element content).
(b) Equivalent alternatives
for any multimedia
presentation shall be
synchronized with the
(c) Web pages shall be
designed so that all
information conveyed with
color is also available
without color, for example
from context or markup.
(d) Documents shall be
organized so they are
readable without requiring
an associated style sheet.
(e) Redundant text links
shall be provided for each
active region of a server-
side image map.
(f) Client-side image maps
shall be provided instead
of server-side image maps
except where the regions
cannot be defined with an
available geometric
Supporting Features
Supporting Features
Not applicable
Not applicable
Not applicable
Not applicable
Remarks and explanations
The flash rate of any flashing elements does not fall
between 2 Hz and 55 Hz.
Electronic forms allow people using Assistive
Technology to accurately complete and submit the
Remarks and explanations
No important non-text elements are used.
No multimedia presentations are included with the
All information conveyed with color is also
conveyed by alternative means.
Web pages use style sheets and can be read
accurately by browsers that do not support style
sheets and by browsers that have disabled the
support for style sheets.
No image maps with active regions are used.
No image maps with active regions are used.
Last Revision: 2/12/2007
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