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Xerox 2218 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template page 5

Xerox all in one printer user manual
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(g) Row and column
headers shall be identified
for data tables.
(h) Markup shall be used
to associate data cells and
header cells for data
tables that have two or
more logical levels of row
or column headers.
(i) Frames shall be titled
with text that facilitates
frame identification and
(j) Pages shall be
designed to avoid causing
the screen to flicker with a
frequency greater than 2
Hz and lower than 55 Hz.
(k) A text-only page, with
equivalent information or
functionality, shall be
provided to make a web
site comply with the
provisions of this part,
when compliance cannot
be accomplished in any
other way. The content of
the text-only page shall be
updated whenever the
primary page changes.
(l) When pages utilize
scripting languages to
display content, or to
create interface elements,
the information provided
by the script shall be
identified with functional
text that can be read by
Assistive Technology.
(m) When a web page
requires that an applet,
plug-in or other application
be present on the client
system to interpret page
content, the page must
provide a link to a plug-in
or applet that complies
with §1194.21(a) through
(n) When electronic forms
are designed to be
completed on-line, the
form shall allow people
using Assistive
Supporting Features
Not applicable
Some limitations exist
Not applicable
Remarks and explanations
Row and column headers of data tables use
appropriate tags according to the language used.
Data cells and header cells are associated using
appropriate tags according to the language used.
Frames possess labels that facilitate frame
identification and navigation.
Web pages do not use (avoid) flashing elements.
No text-only pages are provided.
Not all information provided by the script is
identified via functional text.
Plug-ins, applets, or other applications are not
required to interpret page content.
Electronic forms allow people using Assistive
Technology to accurately complete and submit the
Last Revision: 2/12/2007
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