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Xerox 2218 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template page 3

Xerox all in one printer user manual
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focus and focus changes.
(d) Sufficient information
about a user interface
element including the
identity, operation and
state of the element shall
be available to Assistive
Technology. When an
image represents a
program element, the
information conveyed by
the image must also be
available in text.
(e) When bitmap images
are used to identify
controls, status indicators,
or other programmatic
elements, the meaning
assigned to those images
shall be consistent
throughout an application's
(f) Textual information
shall be provided through
operating system functions
for displaying text. The
minimum information that
shall be made available is
text content, text input
caret location, and text
(g) Applications shall not
override user selected
contrast and color
selections and other
individual display
(h) When animation is
displayed, the information
shall be displayable in at
least one non-animated
presentation mode at the
option of the user.
(i) Color coding shall not
be used as the only
means of conveying
information, indicating an
action, prompting a
response, or distinguishing
a visual element.
(j) When a product permits
a user to adjust color and
contrast settings, a variety
of color selections capable
of producing a range of
Supporting Features
Some limitations exist
Not applicable
Not applicable
Not applicable
Remarks and explanations
The program code does not make available the
identity, operation, and state of some or all of the
program's user interface elements to Assistive
Bitmap image meanings remain consistent
throughout the application.
All textual information is provided through operating
system functions.
The product software does not override user-
selected contrast and color selections and other
individual display attributes.
Animation is not used for control elements or
relevant text.
The product software does not use color coding.
The application does not permit a user to adjust
color and contrast settings.
Last Revision: 2/12/2007
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