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Using The Remote - X10 IconRemote IR10A Owner's Manual

X10 remote control ir10a owner's manual
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Setting Up Your Favorites, cont.
Note: "Triple tap" name entry works in a similar fashion to
text entry on a cell phone. Tap each numeric key to cycle
through ALL caps, numbers, and lower case letters. E.G.,
repeatedly pressing the number 2 key cycles through A, B, C,
2, a, b, c. Pressing the 9 key cycles through W, X, Y, Z, 9, w,
x, y, z. A "space" can be selected with the 0 (zero) key. The
number 1 key selects 1 . @ ? ! - & and : You can backspace
an entry with the key to the left of the 0 (zero) key. Press OK
(or the Enter "E" key) to confirm your new name.
You can continue to add favorites, up to a
total of 10 (you can add more later, see
page 28). At screen (6) you choose if the
favorites you just set up are stored in the
"His" group or the "Hers" group. Later
you can set up favorites in lots of
different Groups, not just His and Hers.
Selecting His takes you to screen (7)
showing that you now have NBC set as
the first favorite in the His Group (at the
location next to Side Key K1), as well as
any other favorites you set up. (Note, you
can reorder, i.e., move the positions of
the logos later).
When you're finished setting up your
favorites, press the HOME key (located to
the left below the screen) to go back to the
Home screen.
At any time you can press the FAVORITE
key and then select His, or press the His
key at the top left hand side of the remote
to go to screen (7) above. Then pressing
the key next to the NBC logo will (in this
case) change the channel on your Cable
box to NBC (in this case channel 4).

Using The Remote

Assuming you followed the steps on the previous pages and
have set up some devices and some favorites you can now use
the remote. See the sections that follow to set up more devices
and/or favorites, and to set up other functions.
Using the remote
Press the HIS or HERS key at any time
to access the favorites you've set up. Or
press the FAVORITE key, then select
your favorites group. Then press the
Side Key next to the logo to change
your device to that channel. Selecting a
favorite group that has not yet been set
up, takes you to the setup Wizard.
Important: Make sure you point the remote at your device
until the channel changes. Pressing a favorite key might send
the commands for say channel 162, but if you don't point the
remote at your device until all three digits are sent you might
just get channel 16, or even channel 1. Watch the flickering
halo at the bottom left of the screen, it flickers for each digit
sent. It also shows what device is being controlled.
Press the HOME key at any time to
access the screen where you can set
things up, or access other features.
Press the MODE key, then select a
device type to change the mode that the
remote is in. E.G., if the remote is in
Cable mode then the hard keys such as
Channel Up/Down, Volume Up/Down,
numbers, etc., operate your cable box.
Also, when you select a mode, any extra keys for that mode,
and any keys you've learned for that mode are displayed. The
current mode that the remote is in is displayed with an icon in
the lower left of the screen. In the above example it's in Cable
mode. Press HIS or HERS to return to your favorites screen.
Before you continue, press Side Key K5 next to the Help icon
and follow the prompts to get an idea of how to use the remote.



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