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Setting Up More; Setting Up More Devices - X10 IconRemote IR10A Owner's Manual

X10 remote control ir10a owner's manual
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Learning Macros, cont.
Point your existing remote at the bottom
of the IR10A remote and press OK when
you're ready. Then press your next key.
After adding more keys you can keep the
label for the key (in this case L1) or select
Change Label, by pressing Side Key K9.
If you select Change Label you can
change the name to anything you want.
For example you could call it My Macro,
or Macro 1.
After you select Change Label you see
the screen below to the right.
You enter the new name for the key using
the numeric keys, in a similar fashion to
typing in text on a cell phone. E.G. in this
example we pressed the 6 key on the
remote to enter the letter "M." Then we
pressed the 2 key repeatedly until the
letter "a" was displayed. Then we waited
a second and repeatedly pressed 2 to
select "c." Then we waited a second and
repeatedly pressed the number 7 key until
we selected "r." Then the 6 key to select
"o." Then the 0 (zero) key twice to select
a space, and then 1 to select 1. Macro 1 is
then displayed.
Press Done to save the new label for the
Macro you learned and stored under the
L1 key.
The next time you select the Mode that
the Macro was learned in (in this case
DVR) you'll see that you can press the
Side Key next to "Macro 1" to activate
the Macro.

Setting up more

Setting up more Devices

When you first inserted the batteries in
the remote you likely went through the
Wizard and set up a few devices. Here's
how to set up more devices. Press the
HOME key to display the Home screen.
Then press the Side Key next to Setup.
Then press the Side Key next to Devices.
Then pick a device you want to set up.
Note, it doesn't have to be a device that
is grayed out. You can also select any
device that's already set up (not grayed
out) and change its settings. From this
point, setting up a device is the same as
you learned in the Wizard. See pages 8
and 9. Note, you can select Aux 1 or
Aux 2 from the Devices screen and then
select any type of device to set up under
either Aux key.
Or you could select any device, and then
press Change Type repeatedly, on screen
(1) above, to scroll through the devices
and change to TV (for example) to set
up a second TV.
Selecting Label, on
lets you rename the device,
e.g. you could call it Den TV, and have
another called Liv Rm TV.
Note: "Triple tap" name entry works in
a similar fashion to text entry on a cell
phone. Tap each numeric key to cycle
through ALL caps, numbers, and lower
case letters. So at screen (3) you could
press the 6 key to enter M, then the 9
key 8 times for a lower case y, then the
zero key twice for a space, then the 8
key for T, then the 8 key three times for
a V, to enter My TV. See pages 11, 12,
and 23 for more details on entering text
to change labels.



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