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Advanced Settings; Options; Backlight Delay; Key Transmit Time - X10 IconRemote IR10A Owner's Manual

X10 remote control ir10a owner's manual
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Advanced Settings

Press the HOME key, then select Setup,
then select Advanced.
The screen to the right lets you change
the backlight delay; enter codes for
devices directly from the printed code list
that came with the remote; set up
punchthrough for various devices; and
limit the channels that young children can
Display Options
Select Options, then press a Side Key to
the left or the right of the option to adjust
the setting. Then press OK. Backlight
adjusts how long it takes before the
screen goes black (approx 2-35 seconds)
if you don't press any keys.
Key Transmit Time changes the delay between digits when
sending favorites, e.g. 1–6–2. This can be used in situations
where the channels are not accepted by the set-top box.

Device Codes

Select Device Codes. Then Select a device.
Devices that have not yet been set up are
grayed out. You can select them here and
set them up by entering the device code
from the printed code list. Or you can
change the code for a device that had
already been set up by simply entering the
new code.
This screen also lets you view the codes for any device that's
been set up. In the above example you can see the codes that
are set for TV, Cable, and SAT. We've selected CD and can
then enter its 4 digit code from the code list, using the number
keys on the remote. The above also shows that we've learned
codes under the AUX1 key in DVD mode.
Advanced Settings, cont.
You can also change the device type by pressing the key on
screen (1) next to the device that you are editing the code for.
Pressing this key repeatedly cycles through all available
device types.
Programming Combo Device Codes
Some Combo devices (e.g. TV/VCR, TV/DVD, DVD/VCR,
etc.) will require you to set up two different Mode keys to
control both parts of the Combo device. For example, if you
have a TV/DVD Combo, you might need to set up one code
under the TV key to control the TV part AND a separate code
(under any other Mode key) to control the DVD part. Other
Combo devices have one code that will control both parts of
the device. See separate code list.
To set up a combo device, press the HOME key, then select
Setup, then select Advanced then Device Codes, as described
on previous page.


This lets you set up how various keys on the remote operate in
various modes. For example you might want the Volume Up/
Down and Mute keys to ALWAYS operate your TV, no matter
what mode the remote is in. Or you might want the Play, Stop,
Pause REW, FF, and Record keys to ALWAYS operate your
VCR no matter what mode the remote is in.
Press the HOME key, then select Setup, then select Advanced,
then Punchthrough.
Then select the device you want to set up
Punchthrough for. E.G., TV.



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