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X10 IconRemote IR10A Owner's Manual page 12

X10 remote control ir10a owner's manual
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Learning Side Keys, cont.
Next point the remote you want to learn
commands from at the bottom of the
IR10A remote, and press OK when you're
ready. (See Tips on Learning on page 16).
Next press the key (on the other remote)
for the function you want to learn. Hold
the key pressed until the screen says that
the command was successfully learned.
Note for some types of key you might
need to hold the key pressed, but for other
types a quick press is sufficient. Experi-
ment a bit. If keys you learn are sent
multiple times try learning them with just
a quick press.
You can change the label for the key (in
this case L7) and/or add the key to a
Macro (see page 24 for Macros).
If you select Change Label, by pressing
Side Key K9, you can change the name
to anything you want. For example
you'll likely want to rename it with the
name of the function that you learned.
After you select Change Label you see
the screen to the right. You enter the
new name for the key using the numeric
keys on the remote, in a similar fashion
to typing in text on a cell phone. See
next page.
E.G. in this example we pressed the 3
Learning Side Keys, cont.
key on the remote to enter the letter D.
Then we pressed the 8 key repeatedly
until the letter V was displayed. Then
we waited a second and pressed 3 to
select D. Then we pressed the 0 (zero)
key twice until we selected a space. We
continued this process until we had
"DVD Zoom" displayed.
Then we pressed OK to save the new
label for the key we had learned.
The next time you set the remote to the
mode that you learned this key under
you'll see a screen where you can
select this, and any other functions
you've learned under that mode.
Pressing the MODE key and then
selecting a device type shows the "extra" keys and learned
keys for that mode. Note, you can learn keys from any kind of
remote under any mode. You could for example learn the
power keys for your TV, and your audio system and extra keys
for your DVD player under the DVD mode. Then when you
press the MODE key and select DVD, you'll be able to turn
on your TV, turn on your audio system, and control your DVD
player, all from the Side Keys on this one screen.
Note: "Triple tap" name entry works in a similar fashion to
text entry on a cell phone. Tap each numeric key to cycle
through ALL caps, numbers, and lower case letters. E.G.,
repeatedly pressing the number 2 key cycles through A, B, C,
2, a, b, c. Pressing the 9 key cycles through W, X, Y, Z, 9, w,
x, y, z. A "space" can be selected with the 0 (zero) key. The
number 1 key selects 1 . @ ? ! - & : and back to 1. And you
can backspace an entry with the key to the left of the 0 (zero)
key. Press OK (or the Enter "E" key) to confirm your new



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