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Using The Remote - X10 IconRemote IR27A Owner's Manual

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Setting Up X10 Devices, cont.
Setting up a LM465 Lamp Module (example)
The following is a basic example of how to set up an X10
Lamp Module (sold separately). See X10's Internet Home
Page for a complete catalogue of Home Automation Modules at
Lamp Module
The Lamp Module may be used to control any incandescent
lamp rated up to 300W. It is not suitable for other types of
lamps such as fluorescent, energy saving lamps, or lamps that
include a dimmer control.
Caution: Do not connect an appliance such as a coffee pot or
heater to the Lamp Module. It may damage the module and the
appliance and could cause a fire hazard.
Set the House Code to 'B' and the
Unit Code to '3.' (In this example, B3
matches the remote's address for
this device.)
Plug a lamp into the Lamp Module.
Plug the Lamp Module into a conve-
nient AC outlet.

Using The Remote

Assuming you followed the steps on the previous pages and
have set up some devices and some favorites, you can now use
the remote. See the sections that follow to set up more devices
and/or favorites, and to set up other functions. (See page 36 to
learn how to set up more favorites.)
Using the Remote
Pressing the HIS or HERS buttons
once at any time accesses the favorites
that you've set up. You can select any of
your favorites by pressing the button
next to the icon you want.
Pressing either HIS or HERS button a
second time accesses the X10 Home
Automation modules that you've set up.
This is an example screen of two X10
Home Automation devices, a camera
base (VK74A Robotic Mount) and a
module that turns outside lights on and
off. Pressing the side key next to the
camera icon displays an additional screen
to control the actions of the camera
(shown below).
Use the side keys to operate the camera
by pressing the button and holding it
down for actions that require movement.
Pressing the side key next to the House
icon turns the lights on and off; the icon
changes showing a light on or off as well
as the word appearing at the bottom of
the screen.
Note: Icons that have additional features
will display a screen(s) that allow you to use those additional
features. Some icons will only provide On or Off functions,
some may provide dimming. It depends on the device's



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