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Pendant Remote; Setting Up The Dialer; Programming Phone Numbers - X10 PA5900 Owner's Manual

Personal assistance system
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Pendant Remote

Registering the Pendant Remote with the Console
• Set the slide switch on the Console to INSTALL.
• Press CALL. The Console beeps once to confi rm that the pendant has been registered.
• Return the Console slide switch to the RUN position.
You can register a total of 16 Pendants in the Console.
Testing the Pendant Remote
• Set the slide switch on the Console to RUN.
• Press CALL on the remote. The Console is triggered and the alarm sounds.
• Press STOP to cancel the alarm.
Note: If the Console has already started dialing out, it will fi nish dialing the current
number before canceling the alarm.

Setting up the Dialer

Programming Phone Numbers

Note: you should program the Console to call a friend, relative or neighbor who can then
listen-in to your home to determine if there is a real problem. The person can then call
the appropriate emergency services if necessary, or call you back to see if everything is
fi ne. You should NOT program the console to dial the police or other emergency services
You can store four different phones numbers, each up to 12 digits.
1. Set the Console to INSTALL.
2. Press PROG button.
3. Enter the fi rst phone number that you want the Console to call in the event of a
problem, using the keypad on the Console.
4. Press the MEM button.
5. Press 1 to store the phone number in memory location 1.
Press PROG, enter the second phone number, press MEM, 2.
Press PROG, enter the third phone number, press MEM, 3.
Press PROG, enter the fourth phone number, press MEM, 4.
Repeat the above process to change a phone number.
Note: if you only want to program one phone number, you should store this same number
in all four memory locations.
Storing a Voice Message
1. Set the Console to INSTALL.
2. Press the RECORD button. The BUSY light turns on.
3. Speak clearly into the microphone on the front of the Console. You can record up to 15
seconds of speech. For example: "I've fallen and I can't get up at, press 0 to listen-in."
After 15 seconds the BUSY light turns off.
4. Plug the earphone into the jack on the side of the Console.
5. Set Console to RUN. The Console plays back your message through the earphone so
you can hear what it sounds like (it sounds better when played back over the phone
6. If you want to hear the message again, set Console to INSTALL then back to RUN.
Repeat above steps to change the message.



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