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Learning Main Keys; Learning Macros - Main Keys - X10 IconRemote IR10A Owner's Manual

X10 remote control ir10a owner's manual
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Learning Main Keys

At the Home screen press the Side Key
next to Learn.
Then press one of the top 4 Side Keys
K6-K9 to the right of the screen.
Select the Device you want to learn
keys for. In this example we only have a
TV, Cable Box and Satellite Receiver
set up, so the rest are grayed out, but
you can still select any of the devices to
learn commands for. You are then
instructed to line up the remotes, and
press the key on the IR10A remote that
you want to learn.
You then point the remote you want to
learn commands from at the bottom of
the IR10A remote, and press the key
on the IR10A remote that you want to
learn a command under, e.g., the
Power key.
Learning Main Keys, cont.
You then press and hold (in this example)
the Power key on the other remote, until
the display shows that the command has
been successfully learned. Note for some
types of key you might need to hold the
key pressed, but for other types a quick
press is sufficient. Experiment a bit. If
keys you learn are sent multiple times try
learning them with just a quick press.
(See Tips on Learning on page 16).
If the screen says Failure, you can press
the key and try again.
You can continue learning more
individual keys by following the
instructions on the screen, and then
press Done when you're finished. Or
you can press Add Key to Macro, (see
below and next page).
Learning a Macro - Main Keys
At this screen you can select Add Key to
a Macro. Then instead of learning
another "separate" key, the next key you
learn will be added to a Macro. This
Macro will be activated by the key that
you learned the first command under.
E.G., you could press Power and learn
the power command from your TV's
remote, then select Add Key to Macro,
and press the 3 key and learn the channel
3 key from your TV's remote. Then the
Macro stored under the Power key will
turn on the TV and change the channel
to number 3.


Table of Contents

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