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Setup; Battery Installation; Battery Saver; Permanent Memory - X10 IconRemote IR10A Owner's Manual

X10 remote control ir10a owner's manual
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Battery Installation

1. On the back of the remote, push down
on the tab and lift the cover off.
2. Match the batteries to the + and -
marks inside the battery case, then
insert 3 AA Alkaline batteries. Make
sure you use new batteries. You can
have problems with learning codes
if your batteries are old.
3. Press the battery cover back into

Battery Saver

Your remote automatically turns off if the keys are depressed
for more than 30 seconds. This will save your batteries should
your remote get stuck in a place where the keys remain
depressed (e.g., between the sofa cushions). Also, the screen
turns off a short time after no keys have been pressed for a
while (or a short time after a key has been stuck for 30
seconds). The duration before the screen turns off can be
adjusted from about 2 seconds to about 35 seconds, from the
Setup, Advanced, Options menu, see page 34.

Permanent Memory

All the devices you set up, their codes, punchthrough settings,
and all your favorites, etc., are stored in permanent memory
while you are changing batteries so you will not lose any
codes or settings stored in the remote while you are changing

Using the Wizard

After you insert the batteries the Setup
Wizard screen (1) appears. You can exit
the Wizard at any time by pressing the
HOME key (located just below the
screen). Press any key at screen (1) to
continue and follow the instructions on
the screens.
Pressing OK at screen (2) takes you to
the next screen (3). Pressing the Left
navigation key (Back key) on the remote
at screen (3) takes you to screen (4) that
has 10 yellow arrows. This is an
exception to the rule because we're
teaching you how to use the remote. But
pressing Back again at this point does
take you "back."
Try pressing the Back key a few times to
go back through the Wizard and then
follow the instructions on the screens
again to familiarize yourself with how to
step through the screens and go back.
You can go back and forth through the
Wizard but once you've set up your
devices and quit to save the settings, you
won't see the Wizard again unless you do
a Master Reset.
To do a Master Reset: Press the HOME
key, then select Setup, then select Clear
Settings, then select Master Clear. Note
this will erase everything you have set up
in the remote.
Pressing any of the 10 Side
Keys (K1 thru K10) at screen
(4) takes you to the screen
where you set up your first
device (TV). See next page.



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