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QuickPower is a way of quickly turning
all your devices on or off from one easy
to use screen.
Press the HOME Key to go to the Home
Then press the Side Key next to
Only Devices you've previously set up
are displayed. The others are grayed out.
Press any key that isn't grayed out to
send the "Power" command for that


Sleep lets you set any device to turn off a
preset time from now. You can set the off
time in increments of 15 minutes, up to a
Maximum of 90 minutes.
Press the HOME key to go to the Home
Screen, then press the Side Key next to
You can set a sleep timer for any or all of
the devices that you've set up, i.e., any
that are not grayed out.
In this example we only have a TV,
Cable Box and Satellite Receiver set up.
Below, we pressed Side Key K1 next to
the TV icon once, to set a sleep timer of
15 minutes.
We pressed Side Key K2 next to the
Cable Box icon twice, to set a sleep timer
of 30 minutes.
And we press Side Key K7 next to the
Sat icon five times to set a sleep timer of
1 hour and 30 minutes.
Pressing OK takes you back to the Home
screen with your sleep timers saved. The
next time you select the Sleep screen
you'll see that the sleep timers have
started to count down.
Make sure you leave the remote
pointing at the device(s) you've set
Sleep Timers for so it can send the
Power command to the device(s) at the
time(s) you've set.


Table of Contents

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