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Installing Batteries - Walgreens WGNBPA-220 Manual

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1. Press down on latch and lift the battery cover to
open the battery compartment.
2. Install or replace 4 "AAA " sized batteries in the
battery compartment according to the
indications inside the compartment.
3. Close the battery cover by pushing in
the top end of the battery door.
Replace the batteries if:
• The low battery symbol appears on the display.
• When any button is pressed and nothing is displayed on the screen.
• Date and time will need to be reset if batteries are removed or replaced.
• Replace all batteries at one time (as simultaneous set). Do not mix
old and new batteries.
• Use only 1.5V "AAA" alkaline batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard
(carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (Ni-Cad, Ni-MH, etc.) batteries.
• When installing batteries, observe proper +/- polarities. Incorrect
installation of batteries may cause damage to the unit.
• Remove batteries when unit is not in use for extended periods of time.
• When the batteries are removed, the measurement values stored in
memory are retained. However, the date and time must be reset.
• Clean contacts on battery and in battery compartment with a soft dry
cloth each time you install batteries.
• Keep batteries away from children as they could pose a choking
• Recycle or dispose of properly in accordance with all local, state,
province, and country regulations.
• Batteries are hazardous waste. Do not dispose of them
together with the household garbage.
• DO NOT dispose of batteries in fire. Batteries may
explode or leak.

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Table of Contents

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