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Installation And Startup; Installation Site Evaluation; Display Installation Precautions; Mounting The Remote Indicator - Honeywell Enraf FlexLine RMA805 User Manual

Remote indicator
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Installation Site Evaluation

Evaluate the site selected for the RMA805 Enraf FlexLine Remote Indicator installation with
respect to the process system design specifications and Honeywell's published performance
characteristics for your particular model. Some parameters that you may want to include in your
site evaluation are:
Environmental Conditions:
o Ambient Temperature
o Relative Humidity
Potential Noise Sources:
o Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)
o Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
Vibration Sources
o Motorized System Devices (e.g., pumps)

Display Installation Precautions

Temperature extremes can affect display quality. The display can go blank if the temperature is
below -20°C or above +70°C; however, this is only a temporary condition. The display will again
be readable when temperatures return to within operable limits.

Mounting the Remote Indicator

Remote Indicator models can be attached to a two-inch (50.8 millimeter) vertical or horizontal
pipe using Honeywell's optional pipe mounting bracket. The Remote Indicator can also be wall
mounted using Honeywell's optional wall mounting bracket as shown in Figure

Mounting Dimensions

Refer to Honeywell drawing number 51455045
to Honeywell drawing numbers 32306827
Detailed Pipe Angle mounting dimensions and 32306828
Abbreviated overall dimensions are also shown on the Specification Sheets for the Remote
Indicator models. Its assumed that the mounting dimensions have already been considered and the
mounting area can accommodate the Remote Indicator.

Bracket Mounting Procedure

1. Pipe Mount Option. Refer to figures
the Remote Indicator with the two slots in the mounting bracket and assemble the (2) M8
hex cap screws, (2) lock washers and (2) flat washers provided.
2. Rotate the Remote Indicator assembly to the desired position and torque the M8 hex cap
screws to 27 Nm/20 lb-ft maximum
* Honeywell drawings can be supplied on request.
RMA805 Enraf FlexLine Remote Indicator User's manual

Installation and Startup

for detailed electronic housing dimensions. Refer
for detailed pipe mounting dimensions, 50124813
Align the two mounting holes at the bottom of
for detailed wall mounting dimensions.
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