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Before Each Use - Klutch 62499 Owner's Manual

Dc stick 4500k 130 amp/9.5hp 4000 watt welder/generator
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Engine Fueling And Lubrication
Make certain that the engine has been properly fueled and lubricated prior to operation. Refer to the
engine operator's manual.
Setting Amperage
Turn the Amperage Control until the desired welding amperage.
Approximate Amperage Ranges
Electrode Diameter
3/32 in. (2.4 mm)
1/8 in. (3.2 mm)
5/32 in. (4.0 mm)
3/16 in. (4.8 mm)
Touching live electrical parts can cause fatal shocks or severe burns. Do not touch live electrical
Wear dry, hole-free insulating gloves and body protection.
Disconnect input power before installing, maintaining or servicing this equipment. Lockout/tag out
input power according to OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147.
1. Review the contents of this manual and follow all safety warnings and cautions.
2. Inspect all cords and power cables. Replace any cords or power cables that are damaged or
3. Make certain your equipment is in good working order.
4. Make sure the area is clean, dry, and ventilated. Do not operate the welder in humid, wet, or
poorly ventilated areas.
5. Always be aware of your work environment. Be sure to keep other people, especially children,
away from you while welding.

Before Each Use

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