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NEC MultiSync E243F User Manual page 8

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Handling the power cord.
Handle the power cord with care. Damaging the cord could lead to fire or electric shock.
When connecting the power cord to the product's AC IN terminal, make sure the connector is
fully and firmly inserted.
Make sure the power cord cannot be easily disconnected.
Do not connect or disconnect the power cord with wet hands.
When connecting or disconnecting the power cord, pull the power cord out by holding onto its
When cleaning the product, for safety purposes, unplug the power cord from the power outlet
beforehand. Regularly dust off the power cord by using a soft dry cloth.
Before moving the product, make sure the monitor power is off, then unplug the power cord
from the power outlet and check that all cables connecting the product to other devices are
When you are not planning to use the product for an extended period of time, always unplug the
power cord from the power outlet.
This equipment is designed to be used in the condition of the power cord connected to the earth.
If the power cord is not connected to the earth, it may cause electric shock. Please make sure
the power cord is earthed properly.
Please confirm the distribution system in building installation shall provide the circuit breaker rated
120/240 V, 20 A (maximum).
Do not bind the power cord and the USB cable.
It may trap heat and cause a fire.
Do not climb on the table where the product is installed. Do not install the product on a wheeled table
if the wheels on the table have not been properly locked. The monitor may fall, causing damage to
the product or personal injury.
Installation, removal, and adjustment of the stand.
Handle with care when pulling the stand as it might pinch your fingers.
Before rotating the screen, disconnect the power cord and all cables from the product.
Otherwise, the power cord or cables might pull with excessive force and cause personal injury or
damage to the product.
When rotating the screen, slide it to the highest level and set it to the maximum tilt.
Otherwise, it could cause personal injury or knock the screen on the desk.
Do not push the product.
The product may fall, causing damage to the product or personal injury.
Do not impact the LCD panel surface, it can cause serious damage to the product or personal injury.
Suitable for entertainment purposes at controlled luminous environments, to avoid disturbing
reflections from the screen.
Do not connect headphones to the product while you are wearing them.
Depending on the volume level, it may damage your ears and cause loss of hearing.
Do not play with the plastic bag which covers the product.
Do not use this bag for any other purpose. To avoid the danger of suffocation, do not place this bag
over your head, nose or mouth. Do not place this bag over another person's head, nose or mouth.
Keep this bag away from children and babies.
To ensure the product's reliability, please clean the ventilation holes at the rear side of the cabinet at
least once a year to remove dirt and dust. Failure to do so could lead to electric shock or damage to
the product.



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