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NEC MultiSync E243F User Manual page 6

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Handle the power cord with care.
Damaging the cord could lead to fire or electric shock.
Should the cord be damaged (exposed core wires, broken wires, etc.), ask your dealer to replace it.
Do not touch the power plug if you hear thunder.
Doing so could result in electric shock.
Please use the power cord provided with this product in accordance with the power cord table.
If a power cord is not supplied with this product, please contact NEC. For all other cases, please use
the power cord with the plug style that matches the power socket where the product is located.
The compatible power cord corresponds to the AC voltage of the power outlet and has been
approved by, and complies with, the safety standards in the country of purchase.
Please install the product in accordance with the following information.
When transporting, moving, or installing the product, please use as many people as necessary to be
able to lift the product without causing personal injury or damage to the product.
Please refer to the instructions included with the optional mounting equipment for detailed
information about attaching or removing.
Do not cover the vent on the product. Improper installation of the product may result in damage to
the product, an electric shock or fire.
Do not install the product in the locations below:
Do not place heavy objects on the cord.
Do not place the cord under the product.
Do not cover the cord with a rug, etc.
Do not scratch or modify the cord.
Do not bend, twist or pull the cord with excessive force.
Do not apply heat to the cord.
Poorly ventilated spaces.
Near a radiator, other heat sources, or in direct sunshine.
Continual vibration areas.
Humid, dusty, steamy, or oily areas.
High-temperature environment where humidity changes rapidly and condensation is likely to
Do not mount the product in any configuration or position not described in the user's manual.



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